Da’Orcland Raiders Rally to The World Cup Qualifier

Coach Jiggs has been having quite an unlucky season in the Iron City Orc Boyz first Pro season. He sits in his office contemplating if all the death and destruction that this season has brought upon his Boyz was worth going pro. Orc’apone walks into the c oaches office and says. ” Hey coach got a letter from the guild today and they want to offer ya a great opportunity due to your past successes. You’ve made them so much money with your franchises, they are offering you a chance to coach Da’Orcland Raiders in the world cup qualifiers. Dis is absolutely huge coach.” Coach Jiggs just sits quietly scratching his head wondering how this happened, only to come up with they must think he is so unlucky he couldn’t possibly do worse. “Ok I’ll do it on the condition the guild gives me a little bit of leeway on how I utilize this teams talents. It won’t be your average Orc Boyz, Hit Hard, Get Ball, Run Dat Way style that the Guild is accustomed too. Let me see the roster and we will be traveling back and forth from Orcatraz to Orcland  juggling training and matches of both teams. Between you here scarface and me there I think we will be just fine. Guess i’ll have to pack and go meet the new team.

As I step on the boat knowing I’m leaving the Orc Boyz just when they need me most… Hoping they know it’s not a choice that was made lightly, and Scarface is a very capable coach after what I’ve taught him in the last few seasons of being my assistant. I bid farewell to the Boyz assuring them I will be back.

Travel to Orcland was quite uneventful ship sailed and landed safely. Along the highway rt 66 our carriage was held up, but it turned out these thugs were Iron City Orc Boyz fans and heard I would be coaching their home town Hero’s. Da’Orcland Raiders, so these thugs ended up escorting us to Orcland so we wouldn’t have any more troubles. I signed a few autographs and told a few stories along the way. Not any real trouble. We Pulled into Orcland at dusk right up to the rundown Orcland Collesium. I walk into the inner sanctum and down towards the pitch , and there they where the Raider under the lights. This orc team has a history of focusing on scoring instead of killing. The Orc thrower Big Ben Orcisberger walked up to me and shook my hand ,and said ” good ta have ya coach.” I motioned for the team to gather around. They all hustled over and took a knee. I said  ” Boyz we have an opportunity to compete at the top level of qualifiers in the MML to see if we can play in the World Cup. You all are already a team, I personally believe you can do this without me. I’m just here to make sure there is no slacking so Practice starts in the morning 6 am. BE THERE!!!!”  The whole group WWAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

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