Death to the Living! – Charity Tournament

Once again the Dread King threatens to rise from his dark slumber and bring ‘Death to the Living.’

It has been decades since the last uneasy coalition of the willing defeated the Dread King and put him into a long sleep. But now, he is listless once more. Bringing war to the foothills of the mountainous, Dwarven, Kingdom of Zhufbar the undead hordes ready themselves to raise him up from his long sleep.

All of the assembled undead scions are eager to be the first amongst equals and favoured of his power. The King of Zhufbar has been driven mad and remains deep within his mountain realm; unwilling to engage in the coming battle. It is left to mercenary banners, seeking wealth and fame, to defeat the undead horde.
There is, however, a new hope for resolution to this conflict. The Dread King despite his slumber has been able to dream and through those dreams perceive the movements of the world. He has gained a fascination for the game of Blood Bowl. This battle will not be settled with sword and shield, but on the Blood Bowl pitch!

Special Rules:
Please read ALL the following rules carefully:


The tournament will comprise 8 teams from the undead horde and 8 teams from the coalition of the willing. 16 in total. It will be open to fresh teams only.

  • Undead Horde will be comprised of teams from the following races, each team representing different factions within the undead horde. All of the following races are accepted: Undead, Necromantic or Khemri.
  • Coalition of the Willing will comprise teams from the uneasy coalition of the willing desperately trying to fight against the rise of the Dread King. Races considered to be part of the coalition of the willing are: Human, Dwarf, High Elf, Bretonnian and Wood Elves.

Death to the Living:

  • The tournament will be a round robin format

Trust Amongst Partners:

Both sides are uneasy coalitions. Matches between coalition partners will be played. This will test the bonds that bring the coaltions together. How the coalitions wish to maintain or disregard this trust is up to them.

The Price of Failure:

At the conclusion of the tournament whichever side, the undead horde or the coalition of the willing, with the most wins against the opposing side will be declared victorious. Should the undead win the Dread King will rise and destroy all opposition. (All teams from the coalition of the willing must be deleted and are no longer eligible for play in any MML format.) Should the coalition of the willing win the dread king will be defeated and not only sent back to his slumber, but destroyed. The shockwaves of the final death of this potent undead lord will be felt throughout the entire undead army and all undead horde teams will be destroyed. (They must be deleted and will no longer be eligible for play in any MML format.)

The Price of Power And First Amongst Equals:

Whichever side emerges victorious will then face ‘the price of power.’ The team on the side that has emerged victorious with the most wins overall, (against any opponent,) will be declared the tournament winner and the first amongst equals. In the case of a tie the number of losses will be taken into account, with the team with the fewest losses being declared first amongst equals. If this does still not produce a resolution then the team with the highest tv will be declared first amongst equals. If this still does not produce resolution then it will be through the toss of a coin or drawing of lots.

To the Victor the Spoils:


  • The team of the ‘first amongst equals’ will be eligible for the MML ‘Trophy Case.’
  • The coach of the ‘first amongst equals’ will receive a $40PSN voucher.

Please Note: This tournament,  by design, will encourage scheming and potential backbiting. Coaches entering this tournament should realise this when they agree to sign up and are asked to agree that any such activity remains only within the scope of this tournament. Coaches should not second guess the reasoning of the actions of participating coaches and realise that this remains a game.

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  1. Absolutely awesome idea JoFro!

    If any of our newer coaches do want to get involved in the league and highlight why they should be in the CL or the Pros what better way to do it!!! Get involved guys!!!

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