Deep Thoughts, with Coach Hez.

Last night after my stroke inducing victory over Coach DonEagle and his Leaping Lizards, SeriousJest asked if I was going to write a witty article for the MML today.  The answer is no. I don’t want to be funny. I want to talk about the game that we all love in the league that we all love.  This is a change of pace as I take of my hat of Coach Hez, and speak to you as me, Human Kyle.

After my match last night I was elated, but at the same time there was something bothering me.  You see going into the match I was certain I was going to lose. DonEagle is one of the best coaches in the MML and he was playing the same team as me only he had 2 more STR 5 guys and his krox had Block. I felt outmatched and outmanned.  Another factor I was considering was that I take a prescription for some personal health issues, and I had been waiting on it to be filled the last couple of days. There is a lame withdraw of this particular drug that gives me headaches and makes concentration nigh impossible. After 3 days without it I had struggled to make it through the day at work already.  All these factors were telling me I was in for a rough time.

After a somewhat slow start I started to gain momentum.  An injured Krox, and an accepted bribe.  A decent wizard that allowed me to put pressure on the ball.  And the ultimate helper, a dead Saurus.  I felt like my play on defense was great. I was able to stop Don and prevent him from scoring and I knew it was up to me in the second half.  But then my concentration broke. I made a bone head move at the end of the half and it got into my head. I spent the whole second half reacting to Don’s great positioning and my own poor decisions. Yet Nuffle smiled on me.  He allowed me to take out more saurus and break free.  After a great diving tackle from a skink I finally felt I was ok.

I don’t think I’m bad a coach by any means. I don’t mean to sound cocky or arrogant, but in 2 seasons of the MML I’ve only lost once, so that does wonders for my confidence.  I feel because I’m a good coach I can recognize when I get out coached. Which is what happened last night. I’ve been on the other side so I know how it feels to do everything right but have the dice make it hard on you.  Just the day before I had two games in a row where nothing went right. I had AV 10 guys going down left and right. Double 1’s on GFI’s and no one who can pick up a ball. I told Seston I was imposing a 24 hour ban on BloodBowl so I don’t take a baseball bat to the PS4. However, it only takes 1 game.

ONE game, no, one block even can make it all worth it.  At the same time, it can hurt. All the coaches in the MML, so many great people who I’ve met because of BloodBowl.  When I killed one of Don’s Saurus last night I pumped my fist in celebration and I hugged my dog (lol, I really did, she was confused), then I realized, this coach that I respect and is playing so well just lost one his players. It creates a bitter sweet feeling because, I’m ultra competitive and I want to win, but I am also friendly and want people to be happy.

We’ve all been there before. A game where dice poop all over us and nothing goes right, a game where it’s close the whole time and an 1 unlucky break changes the whole dynamic, or a game where we get outplayed and out coached and we are demoralized.  Yet, we all come back.  The MML is a place where we share in misery and in glory.  A place that picks us up when we are down and cheers with us when we win.  A place for us to groan and complain as we continue on , waiting for that one block that kills the opponents big man and swings the momentum in our favor. A place where we can make lifelong friends.

Thank you MML. No matter what happens in the future of Season 3 playoffs and beyond, win or lose, I know you’ve got my back.




P.S. I tried to tell my wife why I was in such a good mood last night. She just said “did you win any money?”   She wasn’t impressed when I said I re-rolled my winnings into a 6.