Deva Dominators

Lady L was not impressed.

“I specifically said, win or die.
We didn’t win and only 5 of you died – you can’t even do that right!!”

Last season was long and bloody for the fledgling franchise, Lady L put a lot of her own gold into building that team. This season she hopes for much more, The Vixen is now the captain, perhaps what was needed was a women’s touch to pull these stupid men into champions.

At first she was going to sack the whole team and re build but The Vixen said she trusted the other Dark Elves, Magas, Tiny Dancer and Vacary to help her get the job done.
“One minotaur simply wasn’t enough, this season we need more big stupid beasts to cause havoc in the middle of the pitch and allow the Warriors to protect our running team.”

Lady L thought on this for a while and came back with a plan. “Trolls, Rat-ogres with Tenticles! That’ll stop those prancing fools from running away when they should be dying!”
Once the draft was over and she saw she had all the players they wanted she felt a sense of pride in her team again that had dwindled away over the last few games of last season. She didn’t show it though, Lady L rarely let what she was thinking be public knowledge, instead she ended the first team meeting with some words of wisdom.

“Win, or have the good sense to die!”

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