Dignity in the PlayOffs

Dignity in the Playoffs

by Alan Mittag  (added in Bright Purple ink)  And me!  Eccentric!


Dignity wins against the Kentucky Bourbons 3-0.

They wheel me back to the Medical Wing and expect me to write a beautiful story about it.

Bite me!

Coach Sestonn should be in prison.


(In Bright Purple Ink)  Now opening donations for Alan.  Let’s show him how much we love him!  Ooh, and I’m gonna get him a cute little kitty with broken legs!


  1. I’m warning you dignity Solus savers is going west in season 5, and they are heading straight for your play pool.

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    I liked it. It was short 😉
    #Congratulations, Sess!
    #not really from Drumph

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