Dignity Routs Morningstars, Drumph spouts Conspiracy (Excuses)

Grandiose Majesty Stadium

Two new teams to the MML Pro League faced off at Grandiose Majesty Stadium on Monday. The High Elf team Dignity hosted The Mousillon Morningstars from Bretonnia, and Dignity was less than hospitable to the Bretonnians with a 3-0 romp, ruining Morningstar owner Archibald Drumph’s opening of the season. Many a Morningstar player’s head was down in the away team’s locker room following the crushing defeat. So many expectations had been made by the Morningstar fan-base, none more so than Drumph himself. Mousillon Coach Sturmjarl graciously congratulated Coach Sestonn of Dignity at the post-press conference. Drumph had little kind to say of the match, Dignity or anything in particular when asked about the outcome. “Of course, I’m upset with losing. I’m not accustomed to losing! I’m disappointed with the play calling and the players’ performance, but what I’m  really angry about is the obvious bias the MML has against me and my team. I mean, who set up an opening away game in an Elf stadium with blatant sanctioned  witchcraft all over the field! A “convenient” Blitz on the kickoff and an even “more convenient” ejection by the “impartial” referee right before Sir Hilary Clinton would have tied the game! And the irony of Team Dignity player Physique constantly dropping elbows on defenseless Morningstar players! Coach Sestonn and Commissioner Preach should be ashamed of the farce that the “Dignity” and the MML have become!”

Coach Sestonn and MML Commissioner PreachMJ could not be reached for comment.  The Morningstars host the 1-0 Kentucky Bourbons in Week 2.

#Making Bretonnia Great Again! (Someday)