After the game the players saw the Coach walking in to the looker rooms, silent sitting down in a corner not looking not speaking at anyone.


They knew they hade messed up, they know the disappointed the coach who believed in them and they knew it hade nothing to do with the loss but with there attitude about the game.


Only thing coach diMarkos been talking about in training was not to underestimate the humans and stop thinking about the game a head. That this was the most important game they played so far together and that they hade to win, it was the crucial game to get to the playoffs.


After they managed to steal the ball and score on the defensive drive they all started to think about the game vs BoA as tvey thought this would be a walk in the park, they stopped thinking of all the defensive drill they been grinding everyday in training, they stopped thinking about how to support each other in offence, they start running for eatch other.


The only thing in there mind was BoA who also was at the game watching but they were not the only ones, Nuffle was also there and he was laughing with the arrogant Elves.

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