Disease and plague is upon you

A heavy stench held thick in the air as I left the mansion for what could be the last time in awhile, so thick I could almost chew it….In fact I could… but that was the bile rising up from the pit of my stomach and the phlegm bubbling from burning lungs!

Or was it just the stench of my conscience and corruption of my morals. He had come good on his promises and I was now more wealthy than I could ever have imagined, the second down-payment of gold swung and jangled in the large saddle bags strapped to my rotten steed.

The infiltration into the MML had gone seamlessly, just as he said it would. No one had even batted an eyelid at the ridiculous team of Goblin and Troll slaves that turned up at the start of season 6, a team of rookies barely having held a ball before but with the gold to field Starplayers like Ripper and even the legendary Morg’n’thorg on multiple occasions! The recce season was now complete, teams were marked, scalps of target players were ready for the taking, lists had been made and orders issued. I did almost miss those little fellas though, their green eyes welling up as I told them it was over, they had come together and become a team and even scored in games! If I could get rid of the few arrogant Orcs I felt they almost had a chance to be a real team, such was their enthusiasm, one day when this was all over and the balance had been restored I will go and find some of those little fellas and maybe, just maybe the Miami Goblins can be reborn……

But for now dark dealings and bussiness is at hand, The Abomination Nation has been bred and trained for task and plentiful AN Spawn wait in the wings for their chance to take to the field. Even if death doesnt come in game the poisonous essence and plague that follows this team will eventually rot the league from the inside out, one way or another!

It had already slowly infested me, the Preists of Nurgle had taken control of my flesh, I was not myself, I didn’t know myself anymore, I’d become a walking putrid disease a manifestation of….Pestilence! the last of the 4 Horsemen, our mission was clear the time was now apon us……


  1. Great writing! Now let’s get this season started and see what your all really made of!! 😀

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