Disorganised Chaos

Well the media speculated that this match up would end up in a 0-0 draw with more time hurting each other than picking the ball up and they were not wrong!!

Thugs of Wheldrake travelled to The Gape to play The Rawdeamers in a two way chaos team match up.

The Thugs kicked the game off and the mayhem soon began. Poor ball handling skills by both teams prevented much progress so the players decided to knock seven shades of the brown stuff out of each other instead!!!

The Rawdeamers beast man Uncle Larry showed signs of knowing how to play the game with his short passing plays, and let Sue take on the rushing role. Uncle Larry paid the price for showing off after a bone crunching blitz from Sloukly Mantle left him not only on the ground but also dead!!!! The hard work of the team apothecary brought him back to the land of the living with no ill effect!!

In a game where both teams were evenly matched and an inability to keep hold of the ball some strong defensive displays were on show by everyone. The clash of hoof on bone and horn into flesh left Sue for the Deamers and the Thugs Less_Fagors both knocked out whilst Mras_gors sat in the dugout recovering from injury. An injury to Spaghetti Tits for the Deamers also left them a goat down a few downs later, I believe he received an internal examination with a very long horn!! Having being earlier raised from the dead Uncle Larry later fell victim to stray hoof and spent some time recovering from the injury! Stay away from the light this time!!!

No touchdowns this time around but plenty of blood and gore to keep the crowds happy!