Disputed Lands Title Match – Introducing ‘Harrelsons’

Ladies and gentleman, we have a title match!

The winner of this game will not only take home glory, tons of gold and the skulls of their dead enemies but also the trophy for winning the Chalange League title in the Disputed Lands Conference. With both teams having there spot for the play-offs clinced, on one side we have the wood elves of Clan Harrelson owned by their charismatic patron Woody. Sitting comfortably in 1st position prior to this match they get challanged by an army of Undead going by the name of Carrion Savants.

But let’s take a look at the Harrelsons first. Out of nothing they popped up in the MML only this season playing just a couple of quick semi-successful friendlys before the season started. We sat down with the teams owner, Woody, to discuss the recent success and the team’s history.

Just Score: Hey Wood, nice finally meeting you!

Woody: Howdie!

Just Score: Nobody knew your team prior to this season and now you are playing to claim the Disputed Lands Title. How do you ecplain your team’s success?

Woody: I own this team for 325 years. Couple of years ago we had descent success in some regional leagues aound the elven forrests but that was it. I decided to put some fair amount of cash into the team, hire promising players, get a star coach, the human veteran coach Herrmann Gerschweiler and get them into the MML.

Just Score: And what happened?

Woody: We sucked! We did not win a single game! None of our players developed and we were not even close to the MML. I had to take action and fire Gerschweiler on the spot. I replaced him with a Lizardman coach named LouLizCSC (short for Lounge Lizard CSC). He is an experinced saurus who also knows a lot about skink-dodging so i consider him perfect for the job.

Just Score: And how would you describe his handwriting? What makes the playing style of this team unique?

Woody: LouLiz is not afraid of taking risks. He lets his players throw a punch it it’s needed. He build the guys up with confidence. they don’t need to cage up or set screens. When they are on the run, they know they can make it by themselves.

Just Score: Are there any players who stand out in your opinion?

Woody: Sure! We got you superstar Sililith Sprintchamp who is a runner all his life. You would see him running around the viliage for apperent reason when he was a kid of just 20 years. When you asked him why he was doing it he would respond ‘Because i want to be a star’. Then there is Dancing Leaves. He is a bit of a diva and mostly practices by himself. You can also see on the pitch he does not care much for the team’s tactics and just does whatever he feels like, jumping around, punching random people. But to be honest, I don’t care as longs as it is sucessful. He recently got his brother, Flying Fists, onto the team aswell. They truly bring out the worst in each other, you don’t wanna mess with them.

Just Score: Anyone else?

Woody: Oh yeah, there is Hilmar the Healer. He deeply cares about everybody on the team and wants to make them look good. Even though he was not trained to throw passes he sets up most of team’s plays. He is their mastermind.

Just Score: Do you know what happened to Herrmann Gerschweiler?

Woody: Hmmmm. I’ve seen him at couple of matches. He seems to be waiting for a coach to be fired to step in. He still thinks he is the greats Blood Bowl coach of all times. We’ll see where he ends up.

Just Score: Thank you for your time and good luck for the next game and the play-offs!


  1. Great stuff Lou! If only my welves could have figured out how to win games this season…

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