Dissension in the Family?

In what had to be the biggest roller coaster ride of a first season this reporter can remember for a team in MML Pro in my 25 seasons covering the league, the Torrance Family and their fans experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows.   Most if not all of you are family with the eccentric owners of the team who run a mysterious hotel in the Colorado mountains entered an Undead team into the league which in itself was strange and hadn’t been seen in more than a decade of seasons so to say not much was expected of them would be an understatement.  


They did however go out and hire a relatively new coach to this league in Jimmy Mac who had made a name for himself in the mixed team league many of you know as Blitz by leading his teams to the playoffs all 3 seasons he has coached there so there was some buzz created by that signing.  


He certainly did not disappoint early on as he got the team playing inspired ball and steamrolled to a 4-2-1 regular season securing the #4 seed heading into the playoffs.  As massive underdogs to The Doompeak Bulls and their 5x championship winning coach Gerdleah they shocked the world with a late touchdown to take a 2-1 victory.  The party thrown at the Overlook Hotel is already in the pantheon of legend and myth even though I havent actually been able to track down a single soul that attended it yet.  


The stage was set for a semifinal showdown with the #1 seed Bill COWher Power Hour who had handed them their only loss of the season 2-0 so the stage was set for well deserved revenge.  That was exactly what was playing out on the field as the Torrance Family bashed and battered their way to a dominant advantage starting the second half and were marching effortlessly towards the winning touchdown.  The next party had already begun, tickets to the championship game had been bought, flights booked,…..and in an instant it was all gone.  


An inexplicably stupid positioning error by their head coach, referred to now simply as “The Blunder”, combined with magical dice for the Power Hour over the final four turns bestowed upon from Nuffle himself as retribution for the arrogance of not scoring the go ahead touchdown when the opportunity presented itself.  This self inflicted implosion has raised serious questions about the coach’s ability to win the big games in the playoffs.   This last semi-final meltdown combined with 3 straight seasons of falling short in the Blitz playoffs (never making it past the semi-final round) creates a disturbing trend.  


Despite starting this season off with an impressive victory, the caretaker at the Overlook and team member Mr Grady is on record stating that if postseason failures continue then “our coach may need some….correction.”  Stay tuned for more updates on this developing situation as the season progresses.   This is Stu Nahan reporting and remember you can follow my twitter @tastystu.  

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