Dontcya Wish

The Whistle blew ending the final game of the season, looking up at the scoreboard, Cabal Vision reporter, Nutz O’toole announced

“so guys and gals on Cabal, there you have it, Blood of Amber 3, The Karak Dragons, a big fat zero” “Now that brings bout another unbeaten season for this powerhouse of a franchise, 6-1-0 and for a third time going into the playoffs as the number one seed”

The reporter surveyed the crowd going wild, revelling in their season, but also revelling in for the second time in three seasons, stopping their rivals the Dragons from making the post season. The Dragons sent home again to watch the post season on Cabal…

One by one the reporter described the scene with a running commentary to all the viewers

“There we see the two young guys on the team, Prince Gaynor the Damned, who again seems to be doing his post match ritual of reciting verse about the nature of the Universe and this Cosmic Balance thing to his growing number of girl fans – who strangely don’t really seem to care he appears to be a bit of a nutcase” ” over there is the other new guy, The Great Snake, i can’t confirm or deny that this name was given to him after a post game party one night by Nymph – she wasn’t available for comment the following week as she missed the next game with an unspecified ‘injury’ ”

” Over at the Apothocaries table, not taking part in the celebrations we see Babaika, yup thats him currently appearing to be shaking the hand, Oh wait… thats ….errrrrm …. the neck of the teams Doctor”


Further on the pitch at the Halfway lline we see the now legandary spectacle that is simply known as ‘CHOW TIME’ – As Noisy eater – fully mic’d and with player cam on him eats a whole roast wild boar post game. – hey where you think he got that name from guys!” “what a guy, what a captain that guy is”

“Now over to the fiurst of our two gals, the one the only Nymph” – “romour has it she was once a pole dancer in an exotic travelling Kislev Circus, and she developed her superhuman leaping ability as a way to escape the stage when it all got too much for the patrons to controll themselves!”

The reporter eyes lit up when he say who was approaching, the teams undoubted star – Greased up Deaf Girl, named after the former MML legend Greased up Deaf Guy, the player she idiolised as a small witch many years ago….

“Deaf Girl, can we have a word, your fans, the viewers – we need to know so much, will you talk to us!?”

GUDG smiled and gave a girly giggle, “sure honey fire away, can’t keep all those girls and biys watching in the dark”

The reporter shuffled his notes

“so Todays opponents, The Karak Dragons – tough game”?

After 30 seconds – Greased up Deaf Girl finally stopped laughing enough to answer, “Dragons they’re called – they should be called the Karak Tortoises” ^giggle^ Slow, slow, slowwwwwwwww, atb HT we had to ask coach Alma to get in touch with you guys as thought you’d paused their team on a replay they moved THAT slowww” ^giggle^ – ” Nosiy over in our locker room even ate a five course meal at Halftime and they still copuldn’t get close to him”

“So How about those Bulls, Coached by the LEGEN…DA..RRRY” Coach Gerdleah”

“The Bulls, errrrrrrm, kinda slow, kinda short, kinda, slow – did i say that already?” she giggled – ” oh Yeah we kinda decided to outbash them, was fun, hitting these little guys on the head,they weren’t helped by Coach Gerdleah kinda getting distracted a lot by Nymph – they have a lotttttt of history donchyanno” ^wink^ – ” prolly why when Nymph was on the ground – y’all could here coach Gerd screaming leave her alone ‘she’s mine’ kick the merc lino kick him not her”

“The Strangers, The Pumas, Speedfreaks, you beat them all pretty comfortably, how you do that?”

Strangers, only thing strange there is that they are supposedly a professional team – ^Giggle^ – Freaks – yup they are freaky a’ight, freaky that they think they’re fast when they are slowwwwwwww, as for the Pumas – well they have Gool Ol’ Larry, – coach Alma has had him on our payroll for the last 5 seasons – just shgush don’t tell Coach Disco that’ ^giggle^

“The Ravens, you’re only none win opf the season, tough game must have been”

“Nahhhhh we decided to have fun and just throw the ball around, play them at their own game, was another fun one, you remeber my six passes?, and they say this gal can only run, next season we will play them p[roperly – lets see how they handle that hey” again another girly giggle

“Finally, you played those touted Vampires, pre game everyone was talking about how you’d cope with their Hypnotig eyes, most thought you’d struggle badly”, how you get past them so easily”?

She smiled, and made a waving motion of her arm all along her body, ” Have you seen this!, can tell you one thing, there was only one thing hypnotising people in that game, and trust me it’s all natural honey’, maybe they should try hire some gal vamps next time, cos those dudes couldnt keep their eyes above my waist” ^giggle^

“So looking forwards to the playoffs, any thoughts”

“well y’all have eyes dontcya? they’re nothing ahead of us that worries us, it’s all about putting on a show for you guys watching, winning with style, panache, and a flash of stockings ^giggle^”

“Your head coach Alma, he’s known for bold predicions every season, guaranteeing titles, often that don’t materialise, – what’s your thoughts on this”?

“Hell yeah, thats coach Alma for y’all” ^giggle^

“Well that brings this broadcast to a conclusion, so lastly Greased up Deaf Girl, do you have any final words to all your fans out there”?

She again smiled that smile, as she spoke she turned and stretched, “Dontcya wish your girfriend was hot like me!”

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