Dragons Despair

Having let a likely play off spot slip through their fingers the Karak Dragons second season in the MML Pro’s has ended in disappointment. For the 2nd season in a row they lost only one game but didn’t quite make it falling at the final hurdle.

On being asked for his assessment of his lack of play off pedigree coach DwarfGiant had only a curt reply. Unfortunately we can’t say exactly what the reply was as the only person close enough to hear was the reporter who asked said question and is now unlikely to recover in intensive care.


What does this mean for The Dragons and their coach? Will they persist with the same line up and develop new rookies as they always have done? Or were last seasons late injuries and deaths enough to force them in to the transfer market? Rumour has it The Pumpkin Kings are itching to return and would surely want their old coach back. Perhaps DwarfGiant may even be tempted by new franchises although it is unlikely he will want to give up on his Dwarf project just yet and will see inability to reach the playoffs as a total failure. Stubborn fellows these Dwarfs.

Whatever happens, it promises to be an interesting off season.

The most likely scenario is Coach DwarfGiant stays put and tries to add some muscle to increase the offensive and defensive power of the team. Scouting has begun for a new Trollslayer and decisions on new player contracts are crucial. Stars who have been stalwarts in the past may find their contracts cut short as injury force them in to early retirement.

Finance needs to be raised to further improve the stadium too although the Bank of Aldorf have increased their interest meaning borrowing is a less favourable

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