Dragons get season going

After a tough start against the Cheering Fangs (who absolutely aren’t on illegal performance enhancing substances – The Dragons are keen to avoid any legal ramifications of unproven accusations) and their talented Coach (Fezar) which resulted in a disappointing 2-0 loss The Karak Dragons franchise have followed it up with back to back victories in the league.

When asked about the opening trio of games DwarfGiant was to the point as ever. ‘We were absolutely shocking in our first game of the season, especially as it was at home in front of our own fans. However the Fangs performance does show how good you can be if you eat your own players. The fact that I have been accused of cannibalising my own teams in the past has no bearing on my opinion I would like to add. As for the Wood Elves? Well, they just break easily don’t they. Poor, skinny chaps with no juicy meat on them – they’re no good for anything. Not for eating and not for Blood Bowl. Haha! Can you believe that I actually told my lads to stop stamping on them at one point?! Lord, I must have been drunk. Deary me. As for those ‘speedy’ Orcs? Pfft. Did you not see our very own Bertie Boots out there? He ran rings round them. Even our Longbeards were dodging and weaving round them. It was beautiful ‘.

Next up for the Karak team are The Doompeak Bulls. Despite last seasons victory over legendary coach Gerdleah it is sure to be a huge task to get a positive result in this fixture. This season The Bulls are hot favourites to win the MML Pro title, and that is despite being in an extremely tough playpool in which previous champions, Blood of Amber, are leading the way with four wins from four games.Of course they are yet to face The Karak Dragons!

How The Dragons should approach the game against their evil brethren is up for debate. Should they go full on, in your face, toe to toe or play a more nuanced game? Pundits seem split on the matter. While the Dragons have the terrifying Pyro in their ranks the Bulls still have a strength advantage. On the flip side, they also have the movement to really worry The Dragons on both offence and defence. DwarfGiant and the boys from the Karak could find themselves stuck firmly between a rock and a hard place.

The match should go ahead the same evening that this article goes to press and it promises to be a defining point for both teams at this crucial point of the season.

The game is also a featured match on this weeks Goblin Gambling so it does hold interest for many a fan. Opinion is split on who the gamblers think will win but, perhaps unsurprisingly, The Doompeak Bulls go in to the game as slight favourites. Coach DwarfGiant will be happy with that – the tag of favourite seems to be more of a curse than a blessing in his case. See you on the Astro Granite!

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