Dragons to call it a day?

Following several relatively successful seasons in the MML Pro league the Karak Dragons are considering a withdrawal, possibly only temporary, from the league.

The franchise has established their goal of raising finance to rebuild the old mountain hold and trade from commercial enterprises. Visits from the Blood Bowl fans around the world have helped ensure the Dwarf city is in rude health.

Furthermore a rich vein of gold has been discovered and many of the Dragons, crippled many of them may be, are keen to take time out to capitalise and build their own wealth for retirement.

When asked for his reaction DwarfGiant seemed a little matter of fact. ‘Yeah, it’s a shame. I really thought we could win things. Having said that overall my time here has been a success. If there is no place for me I’m sure there’s someone out there looking for a grizzled, hungry old coach. I reckon my old pals at The Pumpkin Kings would be interested. I’m still in touch with Badfak. Maybe I could travel north. Rumour has it there are some rookie Chaos teams looking for an experienced coach. Heh! Even some Elves have reached out. Let’s just say there’s options. ‘

More news to come when it’s known.



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