Dreams End

Mistress sat pondering how she got to this point. She remembers nursing her smashed collarbone in the locker room after a match with the Brexit Buccaneers. Today was the final game of the team’s first pro season. Her dream had arrived. She was a star player on a MML pro team. In the final moments of the team’s final game it happened.

She didn’t mean to catch the ball it was a reflex. She knew she was to stay out of the action. She took the ball and darted down the field. They were slow orcs. When she got the chance she’d pass the ball off and dart out of the way.

She heard cracking bones as the orc smashed into her. She cursed as the ball squirted from her grasp. It wasn’t till she tried to rise from the pitch that she noticed her mangled arm. She looked to the sideline for the Apothecary.

She remembered the young runners leg earlier in the game. Coach had sent out the apothecary then. He was being groomed to replace Sideswipe. With that leg they would have had to hobbled runners. He had pulled her aside. Keep your head down and your a$$ out of trouble. He slapped her on the but as she had headed back on to the pitch.

Her reflexes had put her in harms way. Now she sat in the locker room once again knowing her career was over. The tear in Bloody’s eye as she passed said it all. She cried for nothing and know one. This was the end of the road.

You never know. Any given pitch.

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