Drumph Breaks Silence, Builds Wall & Burns Bridges

Mousillon, Bretonnia

Morningstar team owner, Count Archibald Drumph, broke his self-imposed media silence (all this writing is exhausting); releasing a pre-recorded spell-cast video directly to CabalVision today. Drumph spoke briefly near the Mousillon city limits where the construction of The Great Wall has begun over the last week.

“This has been a difficult but inspiring week for myself and all of Mousillon as this community has come together while being attacked by our many enemies. Behind me is the beginning of my Great Wall I am building (well…The peasants are actually building) to protect the Bretonnian people (and MY interests=$$) from the  outside influence of  the corrupt M.M.L. Commissioner Preach.  Last week, a Drow reporter unfairly accused both myself and Coach Sturmjarl (Hey… I just work here!?!) of interfering with the outcome of the Morningstar match against the SuperStreefighter Elves.  I can say with a clear conscience (Really?) that we did not tamper with the StreetWalker’s helmets (was Hubris even wearing one?) . Plus, Coach Afrochef freely admitted to coaching under the influence  (*heh, heh* been there;  done that, brother *wink*).  And then, that Drow reporter suspiciously disappears after spreading those slanderous lies (I’m gonna sue, somebody)! But new evidence has been brought to light (*cough* planted) that will vindicate me and our esteemed Mousillon while proving Commissioner Preach and his minions culpable in…well… Everything!  April O’Neil’s Just Score travel bag was discovered outside Mousillon Memorial Stadium. In the clumsily abandoned satchel was prosthetic elf ears, Drow attire (S & M? *Meow*), and an elven wig.  This (*cough* planted) evidence, along with the conspicuous and convenient absence of Ms. O’Neil (thanks a lot, Jest :/) from said press conference exonerates Myself and the entire Morningstar organization… henceforth… and in perpetitude (making up words again)..as ordered..by Me, of course!”

“I cannot fully express my disappointment and anger at Ms. O’Neil’s treachery! She is now banned from all of Mousillon and any contact with Morningstar players and staff during away games.  All future reporters covering the Morningstars directly we be personally screened and approve…by Me, of course (#Sycophants)! I’ll tell you this..If I ever see April O’Neil again…I will bop her in the nose with my new scepter! And as for Commissioner Loser Preach!…You can’t take my Job!! Bretonnia For Bretonnians!!” (*cough* Drumph’s from Altdorf *cough* NOT Bretonnian).

Commissioner Preach could not be reached for comment, but April O’Neil cast a short spell-tweet denying any wrong doing in Mousillion claiming  she was enroute to Jurassic Park (allegedly) to care for the injured (allegedly…well, that might have actually happened ) T.M.N.L. Star, Spermadactyl at that time.

The Morningstars are scheduled to face off against The Grandiose Gladiators…well…sometime this week (allegedly).  Presently, the Gladiators have refused to to speak with Count Drumph about scheduling said match claiming, “Ugh, That man is So disagreeable.” (Where are you TigerShark?)

#Making Bretonnia Great Again!



  1. Loving the crossover, loving your writing style, and most of all, loving the stories! Drumph really has made Bretonnia great again, even if not in the way he intended.

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph.com
    *scoffs* Don’t think we don’t have our eye on you Jest! Yith your “Fancy love stories” giving “your” character April O’Neil a “convenient alibi”. I call shenanigans!
    #Making Bretonnia Paranoid Again!

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