Drumph bringing Mousillon to the Pros!

Mousillon, Bretonnia

Last year, celebrated  businessman Archibald Drumph fled Altdorf for Bretonnia last year after accusations of (probable) unethical business practices  and (definite) traitorous activities against the Elector Count of Altdorf,. Many thought Drumph would fade away into obscurity, if not disappear under “mysterious circumstances”  (#R.I.P.).  Even scrolls circulated by Drumph denouncing the heritage of Emperor Franz himself (was he even born in the Empire?)  were seen as little more than the rantings of a spiteful (though incredibly wealthy $$$) ex-patriot. But Drumph has proven wrong his detractors by finding a new market  for both his businesses and ideas  in his adopted home of Bretonnia. The feudalistic state operates on the old caste system;  where the Royalty floats high above the peasantry, who in turn are more than content to serve their Nobles.  Here, Drumph has not only survived his fall from The Empire, but thrived with both the high and the low castes.  Though born into a noble house in Altdorf, Drumph has always portrayed himself as a “Man of the People”( so long as those people “know their place”). All the Bretonnian aristocracy want Drumph’s castles and towers ($$$), while the peasants worship Drumph for his role as a job creator (menial employment) and his inspirational, if sometimes controversial  (inflammatory) opinions. Who can blame Bretonnia for falling in love with Drumph?  His Castles and Towers are luxurious (He’ll tell you!) and the women he who accompany him are always beautiful (They might be on the payroll, but who cares?!?). The man is a winner, even when he loses (#never loses). He’s right, even when the facts say otherwise (What facts?).

Drumph has found a new business to attempt to dominate (corrupt)…Blood Bowl.  King Leone himself has issued a decree for Drumph to “Make Bretonnia Great Again”  (was it ever really that great?) in the Mead and Mayhem Professional Blood Bowl League (THE best Blood Bowl League…EVER!).   Bretonnian teams have had some success at the tournament level in the MML; specifically The March Madness Champion Misbegot Canting Crew and The Fanatic Feudalism Champion, The Serf Herders. But currently only The Bell Towers have attempted  to wage war  at the PRO level with mixed results.  Following the completion of the new Mousillon Memorial Coliseum, Drumph has been scouting talent  from various Bretonnian farm teams (Bretonnian talent?…Really?) as well interviewing coaching staffers (sycophants) from all over the Old World.

Although no official announcement has been made, the Mousillon Morningstars have issued a formal application (*cough* bribe) to the M.M.L. for the Dungeon West Pro conference ; taking the spot surprisingly  vacated by the Nevermoor Ravens (*cough cough*  bribe).  Just Drumph’s involvement in the team has created a rush of ticket sales in Mousillon as expectations have risen astronomically (as has Mr. Drumph’s bank account *k’ching!).  Drumph’s unusual reluctance to speak directly to the media as of yet is only feeding the fanatic frenzy gripping Mousillon and all of Bretonnia! So far, Drumph’s only response has been “Wait and see, you losers.”

#Make Bretonnia Great Again!