Drumph Rallies Bretonnia Against…Everyone

By April O’Neil reporting from Mousillon, Bretonnia

There is still twenty-four hours until any Blood Bowl is scheduled to be played at Mousillon Memorial Stadium. But today every square inch of that stadium and field is filled with the devout Morningstar fan-base, waiting  to hear their beloved Archibald Drumph give a ferocious speech at an impromptu rally leading into their match against The Champions of Valhalla.  I was escorted into a Nobility section close to a large stage where a brass band was set.  A single podium stood next to the band awaiting the charismatic team owner’s entrance along with the Morningstar players. I expected the typical Drumph rhetoric, ie. name-calling and excuses for himself and The Morningstars, but this was to be no typical “pep rally”.  Drumph had locked down any access to the Morningstar staff and players following the Valhalla video-cast attack ad on Monday. Drumph was irate at the possibility of a disruption of Morningstar team chemistry before a crucial week 4 match.  More dire were the whispers of the Nobility, the very same I was now sitting with, questioning whether Drumph’s lack of control could lead Mousillon, if not all of Bretonnia, into a civil war.

The stadium was beyond capacity at 15,000+.  Nobility in the main stands and box seats, while the lower classes spilt above to the upper balconies and below onto the field itself. Tensions were high as the  anticipation from the crowd was palpable and slightly unnerving without knowing what Drumph would say or how these separate castes of citizens would react.  A huge ovation  rose from the crowd as the Morningstar team and staff was introduced. No speeches were given; only wide smiles and enthusiastic waves from all the players to their fans.

Then a fanfare blared from the band, and the crowd gave a tumultuous roar as Archibald Drumph came to the stage. Drumph did not disappoint with a fiery speech attacking The Champions of Valhalla, the M.M.L. and…well pretty much everyone else outside of Bretonnia.  And while Drumph’s speech was his typical hateful propaganda, what he said is less important than how the crowd reacted to what he said.  For one with such disdain of magic-users, Drumph’s linguistic wizardry spellbound the crowd as they hung on every word, only interrupting him long enough to applaud a certain point or chillingly chant his name in unison. Coach Shadow may have miscalculated trying to turn the lower castes against Drumph. To say the people, both Noble and peasant, love Drumph is not enough. They worship and adore him. That is why this reporter believes that many, myself included, have discounted and underestimated Drumph and his influence on Bretonnia.  Drumph and The Morningstars have given all of Bretonnia two important things;  Nationalistic pride and unpopulat adversaries to easily resent and attack.  Drumph has declared war on the M.M.L. and he doesn’t just have a team or an army…He has a Nation.

After Drumph finished his tirade, the band began playing the Bretonnian National Anthem while fireworks lit the sky. Then, just as the song and fireworks reached their climax, five-hundred crossbowmen encircled the top rafters of the stadium. I let out a muffled scream as the archers shot not arrows into the riotous crowd below, but rolled tunics emblazoned with the Morningstar name and crest.  I can still hear the crowd chanting “DRUMPH! DRUMPH! DRUMPH!”, shaking the stadium to its foundation.

I caught up with Mr. Drumph and Coach Sturmjarl, after the festivities and inquired about the Morningstar game-plan as underdogs against the Champions of Valhalla and their unique “letter formations.”

“Do you hear that crowd? The greatest fans in the MML!”, Drumph rebutted. “We’re no underdogs with what I like to call our Twelfth Yeoman…I might even tear down the Security Gate to really shake up The Chumps! ” 

“It was utterly ridiculous of Coach Shadow to think he was smarter than me while trying to undermine about the special relationship I have with my players and the Bretonnian people.”

Coach Sturmjarl added, “The only letter we care about is the letter for winning.”

Count Drumph then presented me with my own Morningstar tunic.  I thanked him but I couldn’t resist pointing out, “You do know Count Drumph, that Morning Star is actually two words?”

“You’re mistaken,  My Dear,” Drumph scoffed as he furrowed his brow and frowned a bit. “That’s not how I see it…and not how Bretonnia sees it. And I have fifteen thousand people all around who will agree with me. Do you want to correct them?” He winked as his assistants whisked him away.

Mousillon host The Champions of Valhalla this Sunday at 1PM EST.

#Making Bretonnia Great Again