Dungeon West/ First Four Playoff Picture

Yesterday we looked at one of the Western playpools and the possible playoff outcomes. Now let’s take a look at the Three-way we have going on in the Dungeon West/ First 4 playpool.  Not that kind of Three-way, Hairy_Warthog, get your mind out of the gutter.  We have three teams competing for two playoff spots.  Coach Sacerdotalist and his merry men, The Princes Of Arioch.  Coach SeriousJest and his best race ever Hopeless Necromantics. As well as Coach StuffnJunk84 and his dirty rodents, The Repulsive Ratlings.

The Princes of Arioch

The Princesses are sitting pretty with 15 match points and 1 game to play.  So pretty, that they are locked in!  Both The Necro and Skaven can catch them if the Princes lose, but they can’t both win, so it’s playoff time for the The Princes of Arioch. Congrats to coach Sacerdotalist.

The Hopeless Necromantics / The Repulsive Ratlings

BOY O’ BOY!!!!! We have a win and in in week 7.  The winner of this game goes to the playoffs!   If they tie, welp, get your coin flipping gloves out!

Next we cross the pond to breakdown how the pillowfighters are doing over there, so stay tuned!

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