Dungeon West Tortures the Competition

The prelinimary pre-season power rankings are out, and although the ranking week isn’t quite over the polls are telling. But what are they telling?

Currently the Dungeon West is the highest ranked Conference in the MML. With 3 out of the top 5 teams residing in the Dungeon West, the other conferences have reason to fear for their lives – literally. The anomaly in the conference is the Cult of Khorne, which is currently ranked 14th. MML analysts surmise that this is probably due to the off-season ritual trouble a few of the players got into – a problem coaching staff may or may not have addressed for this upcoming season.

Trailing the Dungeon West is the Noble South Conference, with no team ranked lower than 10th, and one team in the top 3. The expectation from NSC boosters is that the NSC produce a MML Champion, it may take more than a middle of the pack line-up though.

The First 4 is a paradox so far. Both the #1 ranked team and the #16 ranked team reside in the First 4, with the balance somewhere in the middle. The lopsided conference may yield an undefeated team if the polls are to be believed, but only time and a few injuries will tell.

Lastly, the Iron League. According to the preliminary pre-season rankings, the Iron League looks to be the snoozer of the bunch. It’s still pre-season though…with the first kick-off any time now, the entire league could be in for a re-shuffling of the rankings.