East wins Orcmageddon and Claims Prize

More_Shots reporting on behalf of Just Score

This past weekend two proud Orc teams took a step away from the madness that is the MML pro season and stormed the pitch in a “Friendly” game.  This game was spurred into existence after rumors of the East being the weaker division had been leveled during the MMLPro Talk – Episode 10.  After being called “soft” the proud East coaches that took to the press, chats, and twerpers defending them selves with intelligent stats and facts.  They used solid arguments but many stubborn West coaches would not listen to logic.  So, as many time in Blood Bowl things quickly turned into name calling and character assassination.  Two of the league most respected coaches stepped up to the plate and agreed to settle this on the pitch like men… well, LIKE ORCS!  The action on the pitch was tense with both team dishing out violent blocks.  Injuries had been done to both teams.  But, while the action on the field was aggressive the coaches in the chat maintained a casual conversation… much like two friends hanging out at the bar.  The game ended with a win for the Titans over the Grunts.  The East defended their honor and also Thunden gained the naming rights to the new Netflix and Kill Troll.   Thunden took a day to think about what name would be best for the troll. I proudly introduce Pillowbiter.








I know you think the picture is sideway… but the truth is that he is still sleeping in the KO box after his first game. Hezekiah87 quickly put Pillowbiter to sleep and he seems to not want to get up.