Election for the Season 11 Entrant to the MML Hall of Fame

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It is amazing to consider that the MML is now in it’s twelfth season and really has become an amazing community of which we should all be proud!

The Hall of Fame is now one of the most coveted accolades that any MML coach can aspire to acquire in their time in the MML and we currently only have one Hall of Famer, Preach, who was our Season 9 entrant!

Slightly later than should be the case, we are now looking for a coach to be crowned as the MML Season 11 Hall of Fame Entrant! A list of eligible candidates has been compiled, based on their record up until season 11 and according to the Hall of Fame rules. Any MML coach can register their vote, in the poll below. Voting takes place over two rounds and the first round of voting will conclude on the 25th March 2018.

The full election rules can be reviewed by checking out the following link:

Hall of Fame Rules

Good luck to all candidates!


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