Enough is Enough

Five games, five wins. Perfect start into the season. A few injuries on the star players but the team is still in shape after beating the vicious Grimbeards 4-2. Woody is more than pleased and you can see it in his face. ‘Looks like I’ve done the right thing contacting Count Fnords to help us out – Lirdaeth is just a beast on the pitch and he keeps getting better.’ He takes a look at the remaining schedule ‘Some Lizards and the annual pillow fight with the White Owlz, nothing to really worry about.’ He lights his cigar and goes through his mail. One unmarked envelope. ‘What is this?’

Woody is shocked. He’s known LouLiz for years and he also knows that he won’t change his mind. ‘But mid-season? We need a coach right now! Who can we ask? Sacerdotalist? We can’t get him out of his contract with the Dark Side so that’s not an option. TheStu? Also not going to happen. He is still trying to get the White Owlz to the playoffs and surely won’t coach a different team in the Wicked Forrest. Rez? Too risky. He’s hanging out with rats lately and we don’t want to take the risk of carrying in those diseases. But who is left? If we don’t find anyone, we might have to go back to Herrmann….’

(Herrmann Gerschweiler used to coach Harrelsons for ages, never had any success and has been lurking around the league to find a new team ever since he got fired by Woody prior to season 5. He does not like innovation, he is insanely arrogant and pretty much hates everybody and everything)

While considering his options Woody looks out of the window and looks over the newly build graveyard right next to Harrelsons’ training field. ‘Maybe he is right. Maybe we should not do this anymore….’


  1. Interesting story… And I definately shouldn’t make light.. But I can’t help it! – (I know it refers to the pumpkin kings) – But the tombstone with ‘Killed by Pumpkins conjured funny mental images in my mind! – Bad JoFro!

  2. Such a great team and great coach. That team will not be that same without Lou coaching them. Lou’s style made that teaming amazing!

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