ERB!!! The Skaven Party

The mail continued to pile up outside More_Shots home.  The bushes out front now slightly overgrown and the grass noticeably unkempt.  A war wagon slowly made it’s way over the hill and up the road.  It was proceeded with music pouring out of the open windows and unhinged doors.  The wagon was busting at the seams with energy and noise.  The wheels seemed to struggle with the weight of it’s load.

The wagon completed it slow trundle to come to a rest in front of the mailbox.  First, the wagon stopped.  Then, the singing and music stopped shortly after.  A long silence lingered in the air as the small swirls of dust settled.


Followed by a gutter runner jumping out of one of the wagons windows or maybe throw, hitting the mailbox on his exit and then falling next to the dwarves drink basket.  The skaven dusts himself off quickly and he jumps to his feet. He then eyes the basket of alcohol that remains untouched.

“ABE!!! It’s not the time for that!  Go get our new coach.  Ask nice and see if that works.  If it doesn’t, we try the Bartertown approach.” A voice commands from the wagon as skaven voices softly giggle at the reprimand.

The gutter runner sneers back at the voice and definitely snatches a bottle of random brown alcohol from the basket and then makes his way to the front door with a swagger.

First, he knocks on the door.

But, no answer.

Then he peeks into the windows.

But, no movement.

He looks back to wagon and shrugs.

“Try HARDER, be creative and let him know who WE ARE!!!” The voice instructs.

The gutter runner looks around quickly and darts around the corner of the building with amazing speed startling something hiding in the bushes.

He reappears a moment later on the roof of the house standing at the peak of the house and clears his throat and removes the top from the brown bottle of booze.

He takes a long drink and THEN…

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