As the lights blinding flashing in his eyes coach CamoCritter6669 has a look of relief in his face. Goblin reporters scream out “where did you come from”, “what makes you think you’re worth playing”! Coach CamoCritter6669  takes a sip of his whiskey it says “Let me tell you something right now!” “We got a good group of boys, and we’re going to win a few and we’re going to lose a few!” “BUT WE WILL NEVER STOP SPILLING BLOOD IN THE NAME OF CHAOS!”  As the coach goes on to explain the beginnings of the team the BLACKIRON  SWAMPDONKEYS hail from the Chaotic Wastelands born and raised fulfill their destiny.

Billy With No Credit, came into this league with about 200 million gold bits debt. He got tied up with Goblin Gambling early on in his life he had cars, sheep, liquor, and money burning a hole in his pocket. Hell he even had an extra arm to roll the dice and hold his drink all while stroking his beautiful goatee. But it only takes one bad role when it’s all on the line one bad decision turned into another. Soon he was on the run, hiding in the farm league under protection of camo critter he’s trying to work off his debt so he can go back to his preferred lifestyle. Who knows one day he made make it to the pros but until then he’ll just keep making plays for the donkeys.

CamoCritters6669 then goes on to tell reporters the best play the game we had was, when Owen Chafed Pits scored the first team touchdown in the challenge leagues. Owen has always had a distinct oder to him, his fans and team don’t mine. But life got to be tough when you can’t put your arms down because it burns it burns deep. But it’s only made him tuffer, it made in the beastman he is today.

Vinny the Vegan, went on to be the MVP of our game. Hell he earned it COACH RANDTHEMAD knocked him down so many times, I think he knock some sense into him. Well let’s just say he knocked enough into him that he learned block after that game. Now Vinny”s got a fire on his belly to come back and make a showing! Vinny’s former job was working for the league, as a staff manager behind a desk in an office he’s never liked the taste of blood he’s always been special. But that doesn’t stop up some grinding up a little bit of bone meal and putting it in his oatmeal every morning.I think he’s even grown accustomed to it.

Don’t count us out it’s a long season. I might even let you know about a few of the other boys, if they live! It’s all blood for chaos, yours and mine! But mostly yours!


  1. Ah, young Chaos. These are special times for a team starting off all Thugz style. I look forward to catching a few BISD games this season.

  2. Get it, Sir! I’m looking forward to seeing the jubilation of a first big win from these guys.

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