Fans and Staff Not Happy With Mauz Performance

Sunday would be Mauz’s third league game and they looked to snap their two game losing streak. That would not be the case as poor play resulted in an 0-1 loss at home bringing them to 0-3-0 on the season. Mauz would lose the coin toss and receive the ball in the first, the crowd was ranting and raving and proceeded to storm the pitch at the opening kick off. A riot ensued and the ref let the clock tick as everyone hashed it out in Camp Brandy. After the commotion finally died down the Skaven team many many good blocks before the Thrower picked up the ball and made a small pass forward to a Gutter Runner who scurried forward into a cage formed by his Storm Vermin and Linemen.  The next turn would result in getting mice downfield but a misplay by the ball carrier would result in a fumble at midfield. The elf team recovered and slowly marched down the field to score the game’s only touchdown. Mauz would receive the ball once again but ultimately ran out of time before the half.

The second half’s play was more of the first half’s as lots of slow ball movement and caging by both teams resulted in no touchdowns in the second half. A dropped pass on the goal line by Thee Grandiose Gladiators late in the game looked to give Mauz hope in the waning turns.  Mauz would recover and cage up on their own logo, but the elves were too swift for them and surrounded their cage. In the next turn for Mauz a bad block would result in a turnover and all but end their hopes of scoring. The Elves were unable to recover and Mauz would get one more turn for a chance at some SPP. Several blocks were made but no injuries would result in the last turn. Just when they thought the pass to the ball was clear the Thrower ran for the ball to attempt a pass but was promptly tripped, ending the game and giving Mauz their third loss.

Some say the coaching staff is to blame for the team’s poor performance; many others are blaming lazy and uninspired players. We asked a Mauz fan after the game what his thoughts were.”Those lazy rats move slower than dead snotlings out there, I’ve never seen a Skaven squad with the awful pace that they had tonight. What respectable Skaven team cannot even score one measly touchdown? This is Definitely not the Mauz we’re used to seeing in past seasons. Call ups from the Greenbay Packrats better be made soon or fans will start killing players to force that issue!”

The Mauz coach was quoted in the post game interview, “There is no excuse for the way we played tonight or the past two weeks. With that loss tonight that puts us in last place for the entire league. If you asked my honest opinion I don’t even think we could beat our farm team with the form that we’re in.  I’m drilling these boys, believe me but they just will not listen. We get good reps in during the week on the practice pitch then we get in the stadium and everything goes out the window. These boys are lazy, they’re out all night partying with the cheerleaders then coming to practice, and the games pissed on Bloodweiser. Punishments will be handed down very quickly or I’ll let the fans get a hold of them.  You saw the riot out there on the opening kickoff! They want these boys’ heads and I’m that close to letting them have ’em.  You best believe if I made call ups today those Packrats would be ready to go and win a game.  I’m going to be on them hard this week lots of conditioning will be in order to get these boys ready for division play. We may be out of the race for 1st but you can mark my words we won’t be last even if that means we have to win the Toilette Bowl. You may just see us win out and finish strong into the playoffs.”