Fans launch rock, HOBBITS launch inquiry

An inquiry has been launched today by the House Of Blood Bowl Intimidation Towards Skaven after several incidents of aggression towards Rats and rat-like creatures in the past week. Early reports suggest that the blame falls squarely at the door of CATS.

Suspicions were first aroused when The New Orcland Grunts completed a frankly preposterous victory against the noble Mauz in the Orchidas Bowl. Coach Preach of the Grunts is a notorious supporter and promoter of CATS and his dislike for Skaven is well-documented. Events in this game are being analysed closely for foul play.

More recently an apparently “enraged fan” hurled a rock which struck, and sadly killed, Juken’, star Gutter Runner of the Skuttle Butts, in their bowl game with The Frozen Thrones. Stadium security are convinced that no Dwarf could’ve possibly have managed the trajectory this rock must have taken (given the sizeable hole in Juken’s head) due to their vertically-challenged nature and penchant for mead. Security footage is currently being viewed for flashes of green skin.

This leaves only one, much more likely, scenario… CATS has taken its violent and malicious assault on the Skaven to new, despicable levels. Realising that they couldn’t fight this war in the open, they have taken to using devious and dastardly ways to undermine and destroy the rats without being obviously to blame.

A HOBBITS spokesrat commented, “How else could the Grunts beat Mauz? CATS is not just attacking Skaven, they are attacking the integrity of the League. They are a plague. And we know a thing or two about plagues.”

The inquiry continues…