Fight C.A.T.S.

JUST SCORE – JS has been given the following press release for publication:

Ladies, Gentleman and gender-unspecific Lizards.

“Menace”, “Ratmen” and “Filthy Vermin”. These are just a few of the examples of  rodephobic language coming from the so-called Coalition Affirming the Targeting of Skaven or CATS (not the musical).

As such, The House Of Blood Bowl Intimidation Towards Skaven (HOBBITS) has been formed to protect Skaven from abuse and discrimination within the MML and beyond. We believe that there should be one rule to rule us all, one rule to find us, one rule to bring us all, and in that league to bind us.

As such, we have enlisted the Wizard Guild (our key backer) to act as Special Prosecutors to investigate any and all instances of such Rodephobia. The House believes Skaven are the most misunderstood and misrepresented race in all of Blood Bowl. Constant references are made to our lack of cleanliness, ill-health and ridiculous luck, but nobody talks about our art or music or thriving film industry. Who hasn’t stared in awe at Rattaletto’s The Apothecaries Yard? Who hasn’t amused their ears with Rat King Cole’s Unforgettable? And who hasn’t curled up in a dark, musty box with a bunch of strangers to watch Ratley Scott’s Alien (or Orc if you know it by its native title).

Not only do CATS seek to spread rodephobic feeling (and hair) amongst the other races to trap Skaven intellectually, they also seek to trap us physically. With claws. And fangs. And pointy sticks.

I have a dream (said Bubonic ‘Bubba’ Plague of Rodentia Ad Nauseam) that one day, the MML, a league sweltering in the heat of injustice, and the rank sweat of Orcs, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and free cheese. I have a dream that my four little rat pups will one day play in a league where they will not be judged by the length of their tooth, but by the skill of their game. I have a dream that one day every stadium, every hill and subterranean dungeon shall be made low, the rough burrows made pretty, and the crooked Orcs will be made, well, less crooked, and the glory of the Rat shall be revealed, and all races shall see it together.

Remember, Skaven are people too.

(The above views do not represent the views of Just Score magazine, it’s affiliates or subsidiaries. Just Score is an unbiased publication that reports on all aspects of the MML. It welcomes all articles for publication.)