Final Reckoning

Coach Gerdleah was standing on the sidelines of a packed stadium. The Stump was bursting at the seems as spectators and press had gathered to witness the final match between You didn’t see me here! and Ubersreik Flamers. The 2 main stands were predominantly full of wood elf fans dancing and singing, throwing grease into the air and over each other. Flags and scarves were being waved and their were good luck messages all around the each of the stadium in support of the home team. There were a few other races and celebrity guests intermingled in the main stands but hardly noticeable amidst the wood elf legions. The end stands were occupied by the skaven. No one else had tried or been allowed to enter these stands in fear that it could cause a riot. Or feeding frenzy!

The sponsors were in attendance everywhere. Bloodweiser babes more beautiful that could be imagined were roaming the stands, handing out tankards to the crowd and throwing packets of beer nuts around. Goblin Gambling Stands were positioned everywhere, taking bets on any possible outcome. Most popular bets were more than 7 touch downs and more than 3 dead players in the match.

Gerdeah was too preoccupied to notice though. He was busy arguing with Da-Runt on the sidelines. The goblin chief was keeping Coppa-Feel on his feet and instructing him to immolate Hateleaf immediately on kickoff with his mushroom induced magical powers. The coach was not wanting to use illegal methods to gain an advantage in this way, not with the certainty that it would lead to a dead treeman, should it hit. Suddenly they were drowned out by the cheering from the crowd. The noise reverberated around the stadium, overloading the senses and forcing people to cover their ears for fear of permanent damage. Each team was making its way onto the field accompanied by each team’s cheerleaders. Last onto the field for each team were the 2 big guys. Hateleaf taking his slow purposeful steps far behind the elves who had left him in their wake, and The Big Cheese who was coaxed to get onto the field by his little helper rat perched on his shoulder. The noise and packed stadium was exciting The Big Cheese, making it hard for the little rat, Baby Bella to keep him on the field.

Unable to continue talking to Da-Runt, he went to his place in the dugout, just hoping that he had gotten his point through about wasting the wizard so early. The referee called both coaches to the middle of the field for the coin toss. There was a lot of respect between the two coaches, having crossed paths before in another game, on another field, many seasons ago. Skaven won the toss and elected to receive, which seemed to catch More_Shots off guard, by the slight twitch to his eye-brows!

With a slight nod of their heads, they returned to their dugouts. The teams moved into their pre-arranged formations, both teams knowing they would have to cover the entire field to keep each other at bay. The whistle sounded and the kick was made, sailing into the air. Gerdleah didn’t see where it was landed though as on his periphery he caught sight of Da-Runt coaxing the fungi intoxicated shaman to fireball Hateleaf. Magical power was surging between his hands and a huge fireball was being directed from the heavens. The blue flames and streaks it was producing was demonstrating just how intense this fireball would be. Without thought Gerdleah sprinted as fast as he could and shoulder tackled Coppa-Feel, barreling into Da-Runt and sending the goblin flying across the dugout, smashing his head against a pillar, knocking him out cold. Without control, the fireball lost some of its intensity and certainly lost its direction, narrowly landing in front of Spine Tingler, who had to throw himself backwards to avoid the blast. The stadium was stunned into silence by what had happened as no one had been expecting this. The shocks were further felt when a 2nd fireball also impacted the field, this one in a more controlled manner and with little intensity. Coach More_Shots had directed his mage to burn their licensed magical strike having seen what had happened.

Gerdleah picked himself up and gave Coppa-Feel a quick kick to the jaw just to make sure the shaman would remain unconscious and not interfere again. The entire stadium was stunned and everyone was looking to the coaches. Without thought Gerdleah asked one of the Bloodweiser babes for 2 tankards, throwing her a coin in return. He walked over to More_Shots passed him a tankard. They downed them in one, turned to their players and shouted “Game On”…..

……Long after the game had ended, Gerdleah was sitting in the dressing room alone. The players had gone off celebrating with the babes from the stadium. He had promised he would meet them later but had something that needed attending to, knowing a reckoning was coming. He was sitting down reading a parchment that had arrived just after the game had ended when Da-Runt stormed in looking furious, striding right up the the coach despite being only just over half his size, “I don’t care we won. Ya made a fool of me in front of the Blood Bowl world. The jokes that Jim and Bob will be saying about this will go on for yearz. Yir fired! I will continue coaching the team maself.” Remaining calm, Gerdleah slid the gore green parchment over the desk to Da-Runt. On it was written in quite elegant hand writing…


Return and see me. Leave the team be. They have achieved what you promised and you will be rewarded. I have another exciting project I want you to help in.”

Skarsnik, King Under the Mountain.

Both Gerdleah and Da-Runt smiled, but for entirely different reasons.

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