Finalists to Flops

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So many things can change in a season, you win and you lose, players kill and get killed, fans cheer and fans boo, but not this season, this season was different at the Shire.
Coming from yet another defeat in this very tough play pool the Lord of the Skinks team were at an all time low, not only in points but also in spirit, nothing has been the same since the season 10 finals, where they not only lost a very tight and brutal game, but they also lost 2 dear friends. Coach Lazertrip has had to force a few players to retire over the seasons due to injury and deaths have always been a regular occurrence in blood bowl, but nothing has shaken the team as much as losing Larry and Pippin, especially in the same game.
Yet to obtain a single victory this season relegation was upon his beloved team and board members were breathing down his neck, since signing back in season 6 Lazer had only seen the owners a handful of times, but now was being summoned to meetings daily to review the players and his position as coach, however bad things got in previous seasons he could always count on Larry and Pippin to get him out of a tight spot and secure the wins but now he didn’t have that safety net.
Lounge was still a scoring machine, but without the proper defence they just couldn’t keep other teams out of their end zone, especially the elves and skaven, the orcs and nurgle had an easy time bashing their way through what remained of the broken team early on this season, the final game of the season was upon them and they faced their oldest rivals.
The Pumpkin Kings had been in the MML just as long as the Lord of the Skinks, the win had to be secured in this game to prevent relegation from the Pro’s, and even then it wasn’t certain they would stay up, with the board already suggesting a change of management and reporters at the gates itching for player interviews Lazer had his hands full.
Lazer sealed an envelope and give it to his skink courier, “take this to the board little one, and don’t wait around I don’t expect a reply from them”. The skink nodded and walked out of his office without a word, with a heavy sigh Lazer places his head in his hands, he was looking forward to tonight’s game as he always did against the Pumpkin Kings, they always ended in high spirits and ended up with both teams in joint celebrations after the games, but a loss here was bad news for either team, and he didn’t want to see either be relegated, but he knew what he had to do, they needed the win, and he intended to get it at any cost.

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