Financial Future of Mauz Uncertain

There has been a great uproar in the camp of Mauz with their main financial investor Jonny Malice (and with him the team bank account) mysteriously disappearing .  With this disappearance no Mauz players nor coach DaltMc has been paid for their previous game against Da Orc of Rome in which they suffered a 2-1 defeat. Many rumors have spread saying that Mauz’s poor performance in the last two seasons have lead to his financial withdrawal. Others have stated seeing Malice with a rather strange Kroxigor as of late. Many have said this could be a player from a new team he has decided to invest in. Others have said that the Kroxigor is no more than a body guard used for protection in the case of Mauz officials coming to reclaim their gold. No one is for certain the future of the Skaven club but the only clue we have is that the Kroxigor is said to go by the name of Osiris. As always the Mauz Tribune will keep you chittering fans informed of the future of our great squad as more information is discovered.