First 4

When the warring nations of the MML West decided to settle their differences on the pitch instead of the battlefield, little did they know the cost of that decision. The First 4 Conference represents those first nations by continuing to treat the pitch as a battlefield, never conceding a battle or forgetting where the blood they slog through each week came from.

First 4 Conference Champions

SeasonConference ChampionConference Record (W-L-D)
Season 1Green Tide Titans3-0-0
Season 2Pork Attack1-0-1
Season 3Seathiel Treehawks / Skuttle Butts2-0-1 / 2-0-1
Season 4Seathiel Treehawks3-0-0
Season 5Norse Leap til Brooklyn2-1-0
Season 6Princes of Arioch3-0-0
Season 7Princes of Arioch2-0-1
Season 8Repulsive Ratlings3-0-0