Foul Minded Thunden gets Norsed.



The clouds darkened over the stadium as the two teams lined up to compete for their Generals in the prestigious Age of Sigmar tournament. Flags fluttered in the dank wind, cleats had been polished to high shine and Norse speedos were skimpier than ever. Josiah Frost spoke words of encouragement to his slightly unhinged Norse whilst Coach Thunden bemoaned the lack of a speedster as the Woehammers seriously argued variety of hops and the subtle variations.

As the game began the forces of Order had been in the ascendancy however the demonic filth of Chaos had begun to push back and this would be similar to the game itself.

Coach Thunden, obviously concerned about the fouling antics of the Norse ensured that opportunities to maim were kept to a minimum… for the Norse. No such luck for the boys from the North however as the dwarves began to accumulate a bit of a body count. Sure enough the slow meat grinder action began to pay dividends as the Woehammers marched down the field completing their first Touchdown.

Halftime brought relief for the Norse with their replacements taking to the field for their injured comrades. The dwarves relaxed into what was going to be a simple second half…

What they hadn’t accounted for was Coach Thundens recent conversion to the art of fouling… as a fallen Norse runner lay prone surrounded by 7 dwarves, ball carrier Josef Bugman was left in no doubt what his coach wanted him to do. He clutched the ball tight as he began to beat down on the hapless runner with a stained stein at his belt. Rather unsurprisingly the referee noticed Thundens antics and paid attention to the goings on… and subsequently ejected the dirty dwarf from the game. As nuffle would have it the ball bounced into the waiting arms of a Norse player who then scorched away from the stunty legged hop fanciers to score the equaliser!!! We’d love to show you the footage of this play but all cameras in the stadium appeared to have been sabotaged and not even a highlights package available.

The Woehammers lined up for the kick off shellshocked at the implications of what had happened. They had had this game sewn up and now faced a battle for the line with only a few turns remaining. Try as they might they couldn’t force enough Norse off the pitch to open a way through a solid defence by Coach Frost. 1-1.

Unsurprisingly Coach Thunden was unavailable for comment and was sighted leaving the stadium with a cloth sack trailing tape. Another coach was however available for comment;

“I can tell my grandchildren I was there when that foul happened! What an error from Thunden! #neverforget” – Coach Sturmjarl, who then began ranting about a poota or bubba…


  1. Fouling with the ball is very #Bruta. You would have made a fine Chaos coach.

  2. There will be Dwarven songs written of that heartbreaking defeat…ahem, I mean…Tie. *giggle*
    #Where were YOU when Tbunden Fouled?

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