Frankie Shines For The Cowboys


The Cowboys long awaited return was well worth the wait for the Cowboy and 4Horsemen Fans, as the Cowboys got off to winning ways against the Red Die Redemption High Elf team, coached by Blue6maxx. A lot happened in the game so lets look at the talking points of the game.


So early in the game rumours where the Cowboys had hired the services of a wizard to help them on there return, but that plan backfired when the Wizard was tossed out of a window of a high-rise tower and exploded into millions of pieces soon as he hit the floor. The cowboys had to resort to plan B, Or was it the cowboys? as the elves looked to be strolling in for the opening score a trip wire sprung up just before the end zone and the elf hit the deck and the ball went loose. Star ball Handler Ramjet picked up the pieces and that would be the last the High Elves saw of the ball until Turn 16.



Week one and already scandal as reports and a leaked photo seem to imply that the Goblin Gambling where to blame for the tripwire incident what the Cowboys benefitted from. Pro Gambler reporter Ivelostaton On Bets said a 2-1 win for the cowboys would of been bad for business and would of lost the famous gambling company a lot of money, any score for the Red Die Redemption would of been bad news for Goblin Gambling. A lot of money was taken on scores ranging from 2-0 2-1 3-1 to the cowboys but the best result for Goblin Gambling was a 1-0 win for the Cowboys. The lack of effort from Ramjet and the cowboys scoring in the first half stinks to me, they could of scored but chose not to. A tripwire causing a turnover what the Cowboys benefit from and then cowboys winning by the only score that made Goblin Gambling a lot of money stinks to me! Take a look at the photo and let us know was it Goblin Gambling Shenanigans or not?



One thing for sure Mad Frankie is back, and back with a bang Killing one, Injured another 3 including one who had the audacity to sneak up on him! He also knocked out another and if that wasn’t enough he made a few more see stars. But if you ask Frankie its all in a days work for the Popular enforcer on his return. There was a unsavoury incident late on when the guys felt pity for these two elves and was going easy on them, they was just going to shake there hands when one dodged out and gave me a dirty kick to the face as I was picking myself up off the floor. The ref sent him off and I lost my rag and got up and chased him off the pitch where more fighting ensued. The ogre security lads had to separate us but I will remember that elf and if I see him again he’s dead you hear! He had a special Message for anyone doubting his ability especially the Coalition of clean who he said better have a good detergent as he is going to make there uniforms stained in there own blood. Frankie is under no illusions that he will die on the pitch, whether that be at the hands of an opponent, a wizard, a boot, or even a rock but while I am here I will cause carnage and entertain as best as I can, as you never know when your last game is going to be. One thing is for sure Frankie is back and that’s bad news for everyone else.

Mad Frankie Fraser Taking Care Of Business back in the day



The Plague Ridden Cowboys have been reported to have signed a huge bumper big money deal with Goblin Gambling soon after there 1-0 victory over Red Die Redemption. Coach Bernie Buffon said this was a dream team of epic proportions. This sponsorship means we are financially secure for many seasons to come.. Any upgrade work to the stadium can now be done thanks to the generous Goblin Gambling who have kindly given us some of there very best security to make sure that we don’t have issues where our own staff are thrown out of tower windows or riots going off at our own stadium causing thousand of pounds of damage.



Ramjet showed great sportsmanship when he handed the ball off late on in there game with Red Die Redemption to let closeness score his first ever Touchdown ever. After the match Papa Nurgle must have been pleased as Closeness finally got those tentacles he wanted, and if that wasn’t enough Lord Gutwrench also sprouted tentacles also. Then the news that they had signed Cowboys rookie sensation from there academy Hold Your Horses Partner a beast of Nurgle to make that THREE Tentacle pieces in the team, and the new season is off to a bright start for the Plague Ridden Cowboys. Next up is another away game at Old Trafford the home of the Mighty Mighty Reds who posses a strength SIX Ogre!

And that is the end of our report from week one with the Plague Ridden Cowboys off to a great start to the season, can they make it 2 from 2 find out next week.


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