Fresh Princes Turn In Stale Performance in 5-0 Loss to Treehawks

Fresh off of their win against Mauz in Week 2, the Seathiel Treehawks welcomed the Fresh Princes to The Nest for their final Noble South Conference game on a characteristically sunny Seathiel day.  The Fresh Princes won the coin toss and elected to defer, kicking the ball deep into the Treehawks half.  The Princes’ defense obviously eager for the game to start, starting the game with a blitz that saw a blitzer and lineman get penetration through the line of scrimmage and the rest of the team shift towards the ball.  Though slow off the kick initially, the Treehawks woke up quickly.  Dehril the lineman recovered the ball and completed a quick pass up to star catcher Zarlara.  Zaralara identified the asymmetrical defense and reversed field, handing the ball off to Mahtar’und the wardancer who had lined up as the far flanker.  Mahtar’und run deep into the opponent’s half and dodged away from the Princes’ blitz before leaping in a somersault over the defenders to put the Treehawks up to an early 1-0 lead.

The Treehawks kicked the ball off to the Fresh Princes, and a fan with absolutely no official or unofficial relationship to the Seathiel Treehawks franchise hurled a well-aimed rock and a Princes lineman and knocked him out of the game.  The Treehawks played a conservative defense, not allowing room for receivers downfield and sending another High Elf to the sidelines. The Fresh Princes feinted up the sideline with a strong running formation, then managed to find space with an impressive long lateral pass to the far side of the field.  Though the receiver had a momentaryglimpse of the endzone from afar, he was promptly hit hard by Mahtar-und.  The Wardancers did a duet of flailing fists and feet and clear the Princes away from the ball, and Hasirel scooped up the ball and handed off to Zarlara who sprinted down the field and into the endzone for a second score.

Down 2-0 on the scoreboard and outnumbered 11-8 at the half, the Fresh Princes coach assessed the situation and decided that the prudent course of action would be to take the long view and plan for the rest of the season.  The Princes offense practiced their passing game and tried to avoid further injury.  The Treehawks defense refused to sit idly by, and picked up 3 more scores to seal the game.  The Treehawks climb to the top of the Noble South Conference and remain undefeated, riding a 2 game winning streak into inter-conference play.