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Dear Bernie Buffon,

So. Here we are. Finally meeting on opposite sides of the pitch. I don’t look forward to this. You’ve taken up with a rather unsightly lot and frankly the most vile and disgusting group of misanthropes out there. This is disconcerting to me, mostly because I know you to be an upstanding and right headed fellow. I guess we all have our dark desires and secrets – I shall not begrudge you yours, though I lament that your talent is wasted on such as these.

I know you to be a worldly man, and our humble League isn’t your only haunt. That said, I do hope you call it home. Your ambition to expand, enhance and illumine the rest of us is nothing short of outstanding! Each and every effort – and these are numerous – was preempted with a conversation seeking my blessing. While I am not necessarily the gatekeeper of such things, your tact and approach has greatly elevated my respect and support of all your efforts! You are a shining example of how an individual can have a large impact across so many people, cultures and issues. Please continue to enlighten us with your shining example of how to approach the MML!!!

While I suspect my coaching tenure is a bit longer than yours, I know your resume is much grander than mine. That said, wisdom has been grated to me through my multitude of failures. It is with this that I impart the following to you:

There is only one thing in this fleshly life that matters; what will you do once it’s over?
My advice, figure that out, sooner rather than later.

All the best, 


Head Coach
New Orcland Grunts

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