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Dear Rez,

What does one say to the Inaugural Challenge League Champ? Well, for starters…I should apologize. I’m sorry I have embarrassed you with a one turn goblin throw touchdown. That said, frankly…you had it coming! On second thought…no, not sorry. Enjoy your shame!!

In all seriousness. I really do dread playing you. I would much rather have played you a year ago – when you had yet to come out from behind your hidden spot in the forest and didn’t really understand elf culture and lore. We spend quite a bit of time together in the coaches lounge, swapping stories and having a great time. I always know that even in good fun I’m going to get your best effort, and that your best effort is always done with grace and under the auspices of sportsmanship. I greatly admire that about you! It’s never a bad time when your my opponent, even when the scoreboard indicates that I was soundly beat. You are a rare person, in that you make losing to you fun – well not fun, but bearable if not enjoyable. 

You’ve done the League a great service in your time here, and I suspect you will continue to do so. Never involved in controversy, always quick to defuse and make light of situations that need tact. We could all take a page from your playbook here!

I was never, truly I’m still not, a wood elf fan. Why you associate with those dirty hippies is beyond me, I just can’t understand it. That said, I’m a Rez fan. If you choose to be a dirty hippy coach, I guess that is fine with me. I wish I had given you more of a game, but it wasn’t in the cards. I won’t lament the events, as Leeroy reminds me, there is no such thing as getting Nuffled. We live by our plays and choices, not by the dice. 

There is no curse, we will all see you in the post season. 


All the Best,


Head Coach
New Orcland Grunts

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