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The season was half over and the misfits were sitting on a very slim chance at the playoffs. Beerz sat back on his straw bed. A bang from outside his tent shook him off his bed. Beerz jumped stumbled to his hooves and ran to the door. He looked outside. The sky was black as if it wasn’t even there. Trees seemed to vanish after only a few rows. Beerz took a few steps outside stunned by the look of everything around him. He turned to his left toward the fire. It erupted in a large flame of blue. Beerz stumbled back his gimpy leg giving out from under him. He hit the dirty yet his eyes never left the fire. Sparks of blue rose from the fire and gathered at the ground in front of his hooves. Slowly a figured starter to form. A human snapped out of the flames and stood standing over Beerz. His eyes as black as coal and skin seemed to barely hold on to the bones that lay upon. Rise Beerz for I’m not here for you yet. Beerz couldn’t move the voice was as strong as a herd of minos charging into battle. His hand moved forward. Beerz grabbed it still unable to take his eyes off the figure. As he kneeled the light started to show who the figure was. Myagi
What’s happening why are you here? Beerz mumbled as he shook in fear. I’m coming to you at your time of need. You were always trying to make me proud and you have. Now I’m here to tell you how to do what I couldn’t. You took the kingdom over in my name and for that I’ve been granted this time to speak to you. I bring with me three scrolls for you. In them is a way to make this team great, great beyond are dreams. All three have a different way you can win but chose wisely for only one you can open. Myagi handed Beerz the three scrolls. Each had a title on the outside. “Clawpomb” “StackleTail” “chaosbs”. Pick your scroll Beerz and throw the other two back into the fire. Chose now for next time I come for you it will be your time to leave this place. Thank you again my son for making Magrita powerful and making my dream of blood bowl great. Beerz nodded and looked down at the scrolls. He quickly threw the “clawpomb” into the fire and gazed at the last two. Chaos bs is fun but nothing is more fun then controlling the game like StackleTail always me too. He threw the “chaosbs” scroll into the fire and looked up. Myagi bowed and vanished as quickly as he appeared. The night become a little brighter and he could see everything around him again. Beerz rolled over on to his good knee and slowly got to his hooves. What is in this scroll and what the hell was that he wondered and what is in this scroll. He slow made his way back to his tent a smile came to his face and happiness was in his heart.

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