Froth Fighters return

Some old and bold may have heard the name before…..the ‘Froth Fighters’ they pilaged and raided their way to the semi finals of the early Champions Ladder playoffs dispite overwelming odds against them!

The Blood Bowl field had been a distant memory for most of the Fighters players, but the whispers of untold treasure and fortune had the team Captain Leffe up from under his bar stool.

Rounded up at the last hour Leffe managed to gather the boozy rabble together and get signed up for the qualifying tournament.

The star of those twilight years was Stella the brutal Yhetti that demolished the Chaos scum in the first round, not quite as wild and vicious as she once was but now in her mature years had become some what more reliable.

Lets relive the wonder years or to Valhalla we go, beers in hand !!!

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