Frozen Thrones On Fire!

The Frozen Thrones met the Rookie Mistakes at Derp Arena on Sunday for the Rookie Mistakes’ home opener. The Mistakes won the coin toss and chose to receive in the first half hoping to find their way to the Thrones’ endzone and an early advantage, but the Thrones Troll Slayer, Dulain, blitzed through the line of scrimmage and sent Mistakes Blocker, Laxative Overdose, into the stands with a frenzied block. The Mistakes managed to regroup towards the center of the field, but the Thrones defense pared down the attacking squad in a series of injuries and knockouts that left the crowd roaring. Once whittled down, Mistakes Blitzer Missed Flight managed a pass to the other side of the field in a last ditch attempt to get through the Thrones defense, but Thrones Blitzer Alglin pried the ball from the isolated Bretonnian and Thrones Runner Bulok took it to the end zone in the final seconds of the first half.

During the second half, the Rookie Mistakes managed to shore up their defenses and the game slowed down to a stalemate at the line of scrimmage. The Thrones were able to take advantage of the defense-driven game with a point under their belt and it was up to the Mistakes to make a play for the ball. Time and time again, the Mistakes threw themselves at the ball carrier and each time they were pushed back by the brawl-eager dwarven team. The Frozen Thrones bid their time until the Mistakes made a mistake and Thrones Runner Bulok made way through a gap in the defense to a late-game second touchdown.

All in all, the Frozen Thrones played a terrific positional game as befit their pre-season history and prowess displayed in their first match-up. The Troll Slayers’ use of frenzied blocks, the Runners’ ball handling and mobility, and the Long Beards’ excellent durability all came together for a lopsided 2-0 victory over the Rookie Mistakes. The Frozen Thrones will almost certainly lead their conference and are shaping up to be contenders for the cup.