Gaesmal Diaries: Psycho Therapy!!

Dear Diary,

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Althouht the Death Star has been destroy… Oh wait. Sorry Dear Diary, wrong inspiration on this one. Still I wonder if there wouldn’t be a good episode, number 5 for example, to write beginning by those words ? Anyway.

It is a dark time for Blitzkriegers. Althought we finished our three dwarves game in a relative good shape (compared to what could have happened at least), the team is already out for Playoff race but more important than that (as if it was possible, what a terrible moment we live) Stunty looked really affected by that 4- 3 loss against White Owlz. What ? Ok 5-3 maybe. Mmh ? You’re sure ?? 6-3 ??? Well there’s absolutly no proof of it, this is defamation !!! Oh you just saw the replay ? Ok then, go over there, I think my cousin is asking you.

When I arrived at training camp yesterday morning, I found Didi looking away with a kind of blank air. He was holding his cup of coffee without even looking to care about it, I swore on that moment that it had turned cold hours ago. I must say I haven’t always been fond of that guy, but on that moment I really felt his despair and wanted to get sympathetic to him. I didn’t know how to give him a smile back on his face, but really wanted to try – in no vicious way for once.

« Hello boss, are you ok today ?

– Hello Gaesmal, yeah I’m great ; yourself ? » Those words went out of his mouth without any feelings in it, like a robot would speak. Looking closer at him I never saw him so tired, and moreover so… Despaired.

– You’re still thinking of that White Owlz game, boss ?

– Yeah but not only ; I’m thinking of the entire season… Did you notice we’re just in the second half of regular one, now ?

– Well yes, but there are still nine points to grab, coach and…

– Oh yeah ! Nine points to grab !! We only grabbed three out of twelve, but you’re right, everything is still ok so far, mmh ?

– We had a brilliant victory and…

– Agaisnt a team that left the MML !! Our only win is against a team that isn’t part of the league anymoooore ! » Stunty burnt out and started crying with big tears rolling on his chicks. I must say I realized that it wouldn’t be easy at all to take his moral up. But hey ! No challenge is too hard for me !

– Coach… Everything is ok.

– Oh really ? How that ? Don’t you think we’re living our darkest hours ?

– Indeed, and that’s why everything is ok !

-What ?

-We are dark elves right ?


-So what’s the trouble in living dark hours when being a dark elf ? I would even say we are in our element !

– Go on, I think I might finally laugh…

– Dark is our element boss ! And moreover, Our stars are still in good shape !

– Yeah that’s a good point… Lildhil even improved, He knocks harder now ; apparently he trained to it specially thinking of you, I heard…

– Err… Lildhil is maybe not that important for the team finally. But Banlaen…

– Doesn’t like you too.

– Oh ok, but still the team…

-Hates you.

-Come on boss stop interrupting me ! The team can still believe in it, they NEED to keep on believing, but if you don’t, they’ll sink in despair too ! Keep your head up !


– You know what you need boss ? We need to go partying, like nothing cares ; a goooood bar round or something like that !

– I don’t know…

– Come on !

-OK, afer all… We might as well celebrate now before other guys miss it if we wait any longer… You look after that !»

And it’s been a hell of a party, Dear Diary ! I wanted something great, I had it !

We first went to a restaurant, ant asked my cousin to order for everyone. What a laugh ! It took 20 minutes for the waiter to understand the starters, 40 for the main courses ! You should have seen that misunderstanding air in his eyes, trying to decipher that gipsy accent ! Even Stunty had a good laugh. Then I asked Xiaoyan to go hide in a giant cake, at the end of main courses; meanwhile Beach Better Have my $ was trying to negociate with the manager about the bill. Crazy how she’s good at money things ! Then the cake arrived, and the surprise was even better : Xiaoyan went out of the cake but she wasn’t single ; Lildhil felt he could be a good sexy surprise too. So when the top exploded those two appeared fighting to be the one to dance, covered by cream. Didi couldn’t stop laughing this time, but finally ordered Lildhil to let Xiaoyan makes the show. Our runner muttered stuffs but didn’t break the ambiance among the team, thanksfully.

Then we went to dancing, that was great too ! Didi felt asleep after his 33th shots in a row, Xiaoyan started a brawl with profssionnal dancers as she was way sexier than them, and my cousin ended it after 3 bouncers misteriously disappeared. Witch Better have my $ once again negociated for us, but this time it wasn’t with the manager but with the militia. She fullfilled once again, the only one who went to jail was that new lineman we just hired. Let’s say it was his welcome hazing…

We finally all get back together this morning, and guess what ? We were all happy to meet. It’s been a crazy long time since it happened before… I guess what we all forgot is that first, this is just a game… And we all love it!!


  1. Lol. Gaesmal did a good job, here. Keeps everyone’s spirits up. I like the amusing references to dark elves being in their element in their dark times. I am sure the Blitzkreigers will turn it around… Who knows, may well turn it around in their next match. 😉

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