Gaesmal’s Diaries: Boss Convocation Number 2

Dear Diary,

I’ve once again been convocated by Stunty. What the hell had I done wrong again ? I went in his office with the rightful strength of someone who hasn’t anything to be ashamed of. That’s enough now !!

« Take a sit, Gaesmal…

– Nice to see you too, boss !

– Gaesmal, can you remind me how long have you been with us already ?

– From the very beginning, sir ! (I answered proudly.)

– How faithful from you ! Remind me your journey among us ?

– Well, I’ve been quickly injured in season 3, so I didn’t play that much during it.

And then ?

– Well I played more during season 4, as we had a lot more injuries. But you know how I ended…

– How you ended what ? Each game, or the season ?

– Errr… Both actually. In the injury zone…

– Ok. And then you joined me as assistant, right ?

– Yes Sir !

– And thus you didn’t miss a game from the entire season right ?

– Not a single one Sir (I knew my moment of glory was coming.)

– Were you on the field when those three or four interceptions happened during season 3 ?

– Yes Sir ! No better place than mine to see them each time Sir !

– Playoff Saurus one as well ?

– I was recovering from a stun but yes sir !

– That clumsy pass attempt close to our line that became a touchdown against Leaf Dancers, as a new kind of interception ?

– I was so close from action Sir, couldn’t miss it !

– And as an assistant coach, you were standing at my side when Tamlaen died ?

– Couldn’t leave alone on such a moment, Sir !

– During that disaster game against hippies… sorry woodies, you didn’t let me down, did you  ?

– I shared all the pain with you sir, there’s nowhere else I would have been than with you on that very moment !

– Third dwarf game ?

– Faithfully at your side !

– Gaesmal ?

– Yes Sir ? »( He’ll say it, he’ll say it !!!)

– You’re jinxing me. »

Good Lord !!! Even when it’s not my fault, that guy turns it like it was !!! I’m starting to be fed up with this, almost as much as with Xiaoyan refusing to get that very special training from me ! But still less than with scratching my back right where none of my hands can reach, this will always be worse than anyhting to me. But still !! He seemed to say the more Iam with the team, the worse things go ! A few game played in season 3, we had playoffs ; more games in season 4, we had a bowl ; every single game in season 5, we’re out. THIS IS A TOTAL COINCIDENCE !!! AND I’LL PROVE IT , DEAR DIARY !!! And if I don’t, well… At least YOU, you know who I am, Dear Diary !!!

PS : I would like to give special thanks to my Fan Club’s President, who was kind enough to give us a draw instead of another defeat last game. I might become his assistant one day if everyone keeps on accusing me here ! Oh wait… But that would please everybody in the team if I leave. And I hate them. So I’ll stay. But then I have to see those hated faces every morning. So I’ll probably move. But I won’t give them that pleasure. No, I’ll stay. But… OH god I have a terrible headache !


  1. Awesome as always! Having read this and the open letter from MarSHEEP Faulk, later in the news, I think I will need to respond more formally to this, but wanted to let Gaesmal know that he remains very well loved… But, yes, I may well follow suit from MarSHEEP and write to him as well! 🙂

  2. hahahaha…I laughed out loud when he said “You are jinxing me.” I didn’t expect that! Excellent!

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