Gaesmal’s Diaries: Bowl Game!

Hi Dear Diary,

I’m terribly laaaate but I must tell you about that Bowl Game between Slann Seers and Greendale Human Beings, a very special game for me ! Not that a trully find interest in MML Bowl games anymore (I mean, every game I see reminds me that we won only wone last season, and that we had nothing to win anymore early in this bloody season 5), but this one was special : It is nothing but my fans Club President that is coaching the Lizards ! And for this occasion I had a special invite from him, so I went there on my own. Wouldn’t bring any of my teammate to it, I was the only one invited after all !

The lodge was gourgious, not looking like the one from Bill Cower PowerHour but as comfortable as it could be too.

Funny how all the guys here are named with something ending by « ho ! ». But that made me feeling I was in the right place.

Just before the game, I talked with that brilliant coach that is Jo Fro. Of course, I couldn’t prevent myself from giving him an advice or two selected from my great experience. He listened to me with interest, especially the part about starting to move before you’re allowed to at a quick off. « You’ll see, it works every time ! » said I trustfully. Apparently he tried, as Slaan Seers moved very fast at the starting quick off ; excellent results: after this move and the first human one the ball was still held by humies and a very agile skink was injured. « Is that the way it is supposed to go on ? » asked Jo ; « Of course, wait and see ! » answered I, trying to save time so he will forget about that if he loses at the end. Why do things always turn ridiculous when people apply my advices ? Anyway.

At half time, Coach Jo nicely took time to come to me and asked how was I enjoying the show ; He looked anxious as he saw me looking for something everywhere.

« Did you lose something Gaesmal Sir? What can we do for you to feel fully good ?

-Yeah, every last games! Sorry. Well, it’s not very important you know, but I was really expecting to see some around, and I still didn’t find one at the moment…

– What are you looking for, Gaesmale Sir ?

– Oh you know, those that you all call…

– Who, good Sir ? Skinks ?


– Saurii ?


– Beers ?

– Yes ! Errr no, not that, but actually you’re right, I’ll seek those too

-I don’t see anything else, good Sir !

– Oh come on…

– No, I really don’t see Sir, just tell me so I can fix it !

-That’s obvious, I’m looking for hoes !

– Pardon ??

-Yeah you know, hoes ! I mean you all call you like that, I thought it was because that was kind of your… traditional welcome dish !

-Good Sir, we have a great plan that implies we all get named with « ho ! », but I really don’t see what it has to do with…

-Oh come on ! Ho ! You don’t think it has something to deal with hoes ??

– Not at all Sir !

-Oh well…

-What about the game Sir ?

– The game ? Oh yeah the game… Well must have been great (what’s the score again?), but I’m sorry I was busy looking for…

-Oh I see. I have to back on the bench now, enjoy second half dear Sir !

– Yeah, yeah, good luck… »

And he went back. And Slann Seers won. Nice to see a victory party, it’s been so long since I didn’t see one. Bah… Must take the pleasure where it lays.

See you soon Dear Diary, as season 6 is on its way !!


  1. It was a true pleasure! We definately wouldn’t have won without Gaesmal! – He is my hero! I am such a fanboy!

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