Gaesmal’s Diaries: Ending Scene!

Dear Diary, I’m just out from Stunty’s office and I’m stuned by what I heard… It will require all my bravery to tell you what happen, good Nuffle… How did I get there (again)?

Everything started this early morning : I arrived at training ground around eleven, as every day ; players were ending their first training session (I always wondered why do they train when I’m not with them yet, they probably are ashamed of their level and don’t want me to witness that). Stunty didn’t look happy, and as every single time he doesn’t he convocated me in his office. I’m quite used to that : when things go wrong, I get convocated, Stunty shouts at me, tells everything is my own fault (even the time his horse had been stolen ! Well actually it was me, but he had no clue when he started to shout), then finally calm down and we all go back to our business, team managing for him and… well, important stuffs for me.

But this time, it was different : Stunty was unexpectedly calm when he started his speech.

« Gaesmal, I wanted to go over those three seasons you’ve been my assistant with you…

– Sure boss, but I did so much that it might take long !

– This is gonna be short

– Cool, because I have a date at twelve with a potential witch and I’m pretty sure this time I’ll finally get a « happy end » ! (said I in a blink)

– Your tenacity has always amazed me, Gaesmal…

-Thanks !

– Don’t worry, you’ll be available for this date. And for many others…

– Cool ! Did you found other girls ?

– No.

– A shame !

– No.

– Well…

-You’re fired.

– WHAT ???

– You’re fired.

– Is that because I’m black ???

– You’re not, just dark as any of us.

– Oh ok so this is for my politics convictions, he ?

– I don’t even know them.

– But whyyyyyy boss ?

– I had a dream. We’re having the worse season start of our history, but weirdly I’m pretty sure this is our year, don’t ask me why. I can’t afford to keep you around, it’s too important for everybody here : players, fans, me… Gaesmal, you’re a nut. Damn! You did your first training lining up 13 players ! Remember ??

– But I’ve learnt so much since then !

– What did you learn ?

– To count eleven !!

– In three seasons ?

– That was fast, he ?

– No. Plus you are still suited for sexual agression at Bill Cower Power Hours stadium on six waitress… This is bad for us.

– But coach I…

– Yes ?

– No nothing actually, I was expecting you to tell me to shut up before I ended my sentence…

– Shut up.

– Ah ! Here it comes but you’re a bit late !

– Gaesmal, you’re exhausting…
– And that’s what the team need ! They don’t do enough on the pitch, they need exhaustion and I’m the right man for that !

– They hate you since you made this « joke » at Tamlaen’s funerals.

– Oh come on ! Jumping out of the coffin shouting « surpriiiise » was funny !

-He was their captain !!! Don’t you respect anything ?

– I do ! I have the biggest respect for M Drumph and Marsheep !

– The only two people in the world who offered you alcohol…

– Errr… Hey ! You’re right ! I’ll get a round to the team, and everything will be forgotten !

– You’re fired. But in fact you can make a little party for your departure, if anybody feels like cheering with you !

– Will you ?

– No.

– Pfff….

– Out. »

That was the last thing I heard from that selfish coach. Dear Diary, what I am gonna do know ??? The girl accepted my date just because I was part of the staff (and also because I told her she could join the team, and thus glory, money and power, if she was showing her very nice with me), how the hell is it supposed to work now ? Damn ! So close from the ultimate goal ! I must think, I must… Dear Diary I’m lost. Tell me what to do !!!!

Thinking Gaesmal’s Diaries lasted long enough, struggling to find new good ideas to make it live, I would like to start something else for the team. But I still like this character, so if any of you have ideas for me to re-use him in another role than assistant coach, just post it and it will be considered !


  1. Nooooooooooo!!!! – It cannot end this way! – I am so sad!!!! Gaesmal would always have a place at the president of his fanclubs, erm, club. I have always wanted to see Gaesmal have a budding playing career as well… Perhaps he could also be a freelance consultant and hire out his services to appraise other clubs/grounds/players. I bet those stories would be interesting! – Gaesmal can’t go! Nooooo!!!! (Again.)

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