Gaesmal’s Diaries: Green Tied Tight Pants Game Debrief

Gaesmal’s Diaries : Green Tied Tight Pants Game

Hi Dear Diary,

Last time I left you with a report on those pesky green I-don’t-know-what, as Stunty considered we had no other option than winning this game. That’s why I did the report, and that’s why we specillaly prepared for this game too.

Stunty told me that winning was our only option but had another aim in mind : « We need to make rookies improve, we can’t rely only our stars. I want them to take an active part to our touchdowns this time ! ». Well, in a way, they did take an active part to our Tds. The only thing is that we didn’t score any. But this is just a detail, I can say I fulfilled this secondary objective too. And it is due to nothing but my work, as you can see.

I’ve always had great hopes in Road Runner, the one that was supposed to replace our captain Tamlaen on the pitch as in our hearts. So I decided this game would be the one making him blow up to MML coaches face. I didn’t let anything random. First : Your Style ! How do you want to be famous without style ? We spent 4 hours in front of a mirror, trying different options. Well, not in front of a mirror actually, but in front of five : I broke four handling them. That wasn’t all my fault : twice, a black cat (what the hell was he doing there?) made me trick. Anyway, we did a great job, besides complicated conditions : Some workers were fixing our locker roof, so we had to pass and pass again under their ladder, not very simple but of course, nothing we couldn ‘t handle.

So, after Road Runner had his awesome style, we did a little extra training ; again, Road Runner showed himself waaaaayyy to academic in his ball catches. « Come on, how can you hope fans to love you if you only do safe things ??? Want us to sell you to cageing team, hmm ? » Looks like I hitted one in the million, as after those words he started to catch balls with one hand. « Not bad, but I want more ! Try with your feet or even better, your ears !! » So Road Runner tried and tried again, we didn’t stop until he caught one ! After he did, I considered he was ready. I went back to Stunty’s office, and proudly told him that his orders had been totally understood and applied.

Ununderstandably, we lost. It’s not fair, Road Runner missed a catch and a pick up. Well actually, he missed everything except a simple dodge. I feel bad for him, he trained so hard ! But let’s face the truth : he’s just not as talented as we are. Still, I’m surprised he did a dodge, as we didn’t work it together. Dunno how he did by himself, without my wise advices.

And now ? Well business as usual : almost already out for the play offs race, we’ll try to get a Bowl game at least but… Well, we’ll try. Oh ! I was about to forget the result. We lost 2-0. And I now have a great fear : if they already considered us as jasmin (apparently, that was garlic ; but I loke rather jasmin myself), how will they illustrate us now ? By a black hole ???

See you Dear Diaries, hop it will be for better days…


  1. I like the training regime, flying in the face of superstition. I still think Gaesmal’s and the Blitkreiger’s best times are ahead. Don’t let this defeat at the hands of the tight pants stand in the way! Goooooooooo Gaesmal! – Goooooooooo Blitzkreigers! 🙂

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