Gaesmal’s Diaries: Recruitment Meeting

Hi Dear Diary,

I know I wrote a bit less those last weeks but you know, my new life makes me a busy man (and sometimes, a businessman too). As regualr season (at last !) ended, with the results that-is-not-to-be-said-in-front-of-Stunty that everybody knows, Coach asked Lildhil and me to meet him about our future recruit. Cause yes, Dear Diary, the few of us that survived this season will go back for another season, but we’re only 8 left now ! (including Road Runner, that won’t run next game at least). So to make sure we’ll spend wisely thhos 200.000 gold we saved, Stunty ordered this meeting.

– Stuntmandidi : Hi guys, how’s it going ?
– Lildhil : In the wall, as usual
– S : Ok, thanks a lot for destressing the atmosphere, Lildhil. Gaesmal, how are you ?
– Gaesmal : fine boss, I already thought…
– S : Thank you Gaesmal. So ; what’s your general feelings about the team needs for next season ?
– G : we need players, 5 or 6 should be enough
– L : Powerful ones
– G : and agile
– L : and fast
– G Oh and we also need a proper thrower
– L :And a bunch of sexy guys… Errrr for sponsors of course
– G :Oh but most of all : we need witches for Drumph
– L : Oh no ! not those… girls again, there’s nothing to do with them !
– S : Xiaoyan did well !
– L : On the pitch yeah, but who cares ? I’m talking about on… another field
– G : Oh yeah I agree with that ! Nothing to do with her, she didn’t even answer my last letter.
– S and L : your what ???
– G : Forget about it. But still, we need new ones.
– S : For who again ? Well I did a promise to Mr Drumph and it had to do with witches.
– S You did what ????
– G:But heeeyyyy ! I had to, it was unavoidable to get money from him !
– S : But you didn’t get some !
– G :Wrong !
– S : So you’re telling me you made a promise to Drumph concerning witches for ten gold crowns ??
– G : well said like that, of course…
– S : How do you want me to say that ??
– G : Ok, you got this one… Anyway, glad to see we alll agree to recruit witches for next season.
– L : I don’t !
– G : so we almost all agree…
– S : I don’t either !
– G : Ok, so I’ll just say glad to see we are all very close from an agreement about wit…
– S : There’ll be no agreement about witches !
– L : YEEAAAH !!
– S : But not thanks to you !
– L Ooh…
– S : Still, just to be curious… What was this promise ?
– G : Well, I can’t really remember but… All I can say is it was a great deal !
– S : What deal ?
– G : (with a mysterious expression) You’ll see, be patient my friend…
– S : No there won’t be a witch in the team for a long time so I won’t see anything. What was it ?
– G : Errr… (with a mysterious expression) I’ll see, be patient Gaesmal…
– S : WHAT ?
– G : Oh, ok ! I was drunk when I did that promise, so I can’t remember it. That’s all. Happy now ?
– S : Gaesmal you… You really are the most… Incredible assistant in the MML..
– G :Thanks !
– L : So now that the witch case is closed, could we talk about the others ? Especially sexy ones ?
– S : Ok… Gaesmal, what did you bring from your scouting ?
– Oh you’ll be happy boss, I found a few real jewels !
– S : Perfect ! Go on then !
– G : First, there’s this farm player, Duffman ; he’s a great blitzer, more agile and stronger than average. And he’s gifted with nerves of steel, which could be useful facing usual slaughtery we suffer
– S : Excellent ! When do we meet him ?
– G : It’s not that simple ; it’ll take a while, he’s pretty far…
– S : Why ?
– G : Helloooo boss, orcs live far from heeere !
– S : is that an orc ?
– G : Yeah but a cute one, you’ll be happy too Lildhil !
– S : Next.
– G : What ? That one is hard… Next one is a witch from…
– S : Next.
– L : Are there any wood elves in your list, by chance ? I like them…`I heard about a Sexy Rexy or something…
– G : Of course Lildhil, you know I wouldn’t have forget you ! I ha…`
– S : Next.
– G : Oh, that guy ! Next I have a brilliant blitzer coached by someone named Fnords, and…
– S : We all know about him, but too expensive. Next.
– L : A shame, I saw him and I swear our new outfits would make him quite « catchable »…
– S : NEXT !
– G : Well that’s all I got for now…
– S : Incredible work, as always. So, if I understand you guys well, we can go for basic recruits, no good surprise after that season 5 storm ?
– L : Wait coach… Did you have a look at our small sister team last farm games ? The Sparkling Subs ?
– S : The team coached by Gaesmal ? I don’t know, do you think about someone that could go pro in there ?
– G : Well there was a vicious one that pleased me but he died… Oh and I have a cousin in it, he might be useful.
– S : Oh yeah ? I like that, tell me about the skills he learnt.
– G : Oh, he didn’t yet, but I’m sure he will as soon as he gets pro !
– S : No skills ? Awesome, thank you so much. Well, I think we’re done with…
– L : Wait ! What about Sub Aquatic ?
– S : Who ?
– L : Sub Aquatic, a Sparkling Subs lineman who considers me like a kind of godfather. He learnt very fast what I teached him !
– S : You mean he’s almost as good as you ?
– L : As a lineman can be, coach !
– S : Lineman, so agile, leaper, blocker, and quite cheap ?? Gaesmal, bring him to me !
– G : Ok boss, I was about to mention him but wanted to wait the very last moment of the meeting, good surprise and all those stuffs you know…
– S : Of course Gaesmal. Thanks Gentlemen, and may Nuffle be with us !”

Once again, you can be proud of me, Dear Diaries!

Take care


  1. Haha I missed Gas Mile!! Sexy Rexy isn’t quite sure what to make of Lidhil though…

  2. So funny! Duffman should be in the pros. Looking forward to next season. Lets team up and try to finish 1 and 2.

  3. Good old Gaesmal, doing some quality scouting. I was sad he couldn’t do any announcing at the Slaan Seers bowl match. He could have done some scouting there. There were sexy humans, surely, and lizards. 😀 😉 I hope the Blitzkreigers find what they need and am sure they will find form again next season… The Gaesmal should be the hero we all know him to be! 😉

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