Gaesmal’s Diaries: stuck in the toilets!

Hi Dear Diary,

It happened a crazy thing to me during our last game against Yate Yobz 2.3 !

I guess you already know about our prison break helped by some of our best ennemies, Bill Cowher Power Hour. A great escape, but still, I was a bit dispappointed as it happened just when I was about to run my own plan. That was a great plan, including a gyrocopter, a wizard and a dragon ; just didn’t have time to find the dragon and the gyro but the rest was ready. Anyway ! I really didn’t enjoy that prison time, as I couldn’t dare to go to the toilets with all those… Strange mates around.

So when we arrived at stadium, I just ran to toilets, as it’s been a huge time I didn’t… make what I needed to. Hearing the speaker announcing team, I hurried to finish and opened the door fast. But no matter how hard I tried to push it, it never opened !! I stayed stuck there during the whole game, leaving my fellow players on their own to face a terrible opponent, without my precious advices and legendary luck !!! I must say I didn’t feel that bad at that moment, I was way to busy trying to avoid to breath (the smell was… tough). I pushed, pushed, shouted, pushed, shouted, puked, pushed, cryed, pushed during the whole game. When I was finally falling into despair (why the hell didn’t anybody came to help during half time??), I heard feet noises on the other side of the door. I first wanted to shout, but I decided to listen to their conversation before I do so. And I did well…

I heard terrible things, dear diary. Guess who was on the other side of the door ? Someone that had nothing to do there though, someone we know very well us Blitzkriegers, someone that’s always on our way like a stone in a boot… COACH THUNDEN !!!! I couldn’t identify who he was talking to, but apparently Coach Stunty said things that he didn’t like and he explained a terrible plan to the other man… He explained he was planning to foul us on next game ! Thinking of the team shape after a game against those tight pants, I mean what remains of the team after such game without usually fouling, I was petrified imaginating what could happen with fouls. Oh dear !!! At least I’ll be able to tell Stunty about that terrible plot. Don’t know what he can do against this, but I guess he’ll feel better knowing what will happen. Almost sure we shouldn’t talk about this to players though… We might have desertions during Witch’s Coven game if we do.

After I was sure they went, I started to shout again. Someone pushed the door, and it opened easily. The guy just asked why I didn’t try to pull, I answered him I couldn’t due to my religion (couldn’t find a better apology on that moment, but not to bad, eh ?). I finally rejoined the team just at the moment they were about to leave. « Oh Gaesmal, you’re here ? » said Stunty, and I swear he looked disappointed saying this ; I guess it’s because I didn’t help him during the game. «Yes I am, Sir ; so how many touchdowns and injuries did we take, this time ?

– We won 4-0, no injuries.

– Ha ha, excellent joke ! No but seriously ?

– 4-0, no injuries.

– What ???

– I told you you’re the jinxer, Gaesmal… »

Damn, I start to think he’s right. But then, what am I gonna do ??

See you soon Dear Diary, take care !

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  1. Gaesmal is no jinx!!! – He is amazing! Had he managed to get out of the toilet the Blitzkreigers would probably have scored more! – And evil coach Thunden lurking around in the toilets… Not surprised to be honest. 😉 Much love for Gaesmal, as president of the Gaesmal fanclub and glad he escaped incarcaration, again! – What a legend.. Just pull! 😀

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