Gaesmal’s Diary: (First) Boss Convocation

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to write the end of my story yesterday, but I’ve been convocated by Stunty before I could. I have to tell you about it, that was tough…

” Gaesmal, sit down.

-Boss, I have a new idea t…

-Shut up. I swear, shut up Gaesmal. Let me ask you one question: what were you supposed to do in that school this morning?

-Giving a great image of Blood Bowl to get funds for the team, boss (don’t know why, at that moment I had a bad feeling about what would follow ; I understood he would pretend all of this was my fault again, as always)

-Do you consider having three deaths, offering a wizard a lifetime rent to pretend he cursed you and thus you weren’t yourself, with all our apologies and of course a serious donation to school and parents to forget the “incident” can be called “getting funds”?

-Well actually the wiz promised us a discount if we hire him for a game, that’s something!

-Gaesmal? Do you know how long an elf lives, and so what represents the amount of a lifetime rent?


-Remember, shut up. Never mind anyway ; what’s done is done. I have a new mission for you and this time, I won’t let you do it your way. We will train first. I want you to go and meet Drumph, so we get a few gold from him. You’ll have to play tight, so let’s pretend I’m Drumph and we just meet ok? Go on, say what you would tell him.

-Hi mister Drumph, I’m glad to meet Blitzkiegers coach!

-Gaesmal I told you we pretend I am Drumph, not myself!

– Wow that’s complicated, but I guess I got it. Okay I start again: Hi M Drumph, I’m so glad to be here! The Empire is one of my favorite Old World place and…

-We’re talking about Bretonnia!!!



-Never met her.

-The country Gaesmal, the country!!

-Oh she’s a singer?


Bret-I-don’t-know-what; she is a country singer?


-Aaaah ok coach, my mistake. What’s the name again?


-Ok, ok, I start again. Hi Mr Drumph, I’m glad and proud to be here (at that moment, I swear Stunty’s face enlighted slightly), with that beautiful… Brit on ya! (I was proud)

-OK Gaesmal, let’s be positive it’s a bit better… But there’s still a lot to improve…”

You know what diary? he kept me the whole day in his office, training how to talk to Mr Drumph who is (did you know that diary?) very rich but also a big country music fan as far as I understood. I guess I’ll learn a few songs, it’ll probably help me more than all those complicated sentences Stunty made be mad with. What would we become if I only relied on his idea to get us out of here? Still, I’m preparing to a looong journey to Drumph’s mansion. I’ll write you all about it soon, dear diary; take care since then!


  1. Absolutely can’t get enough. I actually laughed out loud, whilst sitting reading this on my own, at the idea of Gaesmal doing some country singing to impress a rich Bretonnian! 😀 Brit on ya, for the win! 😀

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