Gaesmal’s Diary: First training!!

Dear Diary,

I hope you didn’t miss me that much those last days ! I’m sorry I couldn’t write before, but it wasn’t on pupose : I went to the restaurant the other day and the waitress leaved a knife on the table. You know how it goes when I use a knife right ? At least this time I only armed myself and no one else. But never mind, I almost don’t bleed anymore so I feel good. And I’m so excited those days ! I have managed my first training exercice yesterday, I must tell you about that, I’ve been amazing !

Stunty was busy wih some kind of mediatic business, and left me on charge with training. I’m sure he was actually free but just didn’t know how to decently ask me to give him a proper solution to his strategic problems. So, I’ve been nice and just agreed without triumphing more than that. It might look a bit shy, but I’m sure Stunty will appreciate that I leave glory to him.

So here’s how it went :

I first gathered the team in front of me to give my orders ; ten minutes later, they finally agreed to come after I promised I would offer all of them a dinner. Except witches, who said there was no way they would accept to meet me elsewhere than in training center. I asked about the Stadium, they answered not even there. It might be complicated for next game, I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I could use a gyrocopter, so I’m not really in the stadium but not off the game as well ? We’ll see with Stunty. Anyway, after all that I started my first strategic set up : 4 players backward, 4 players in the middle and of course, as we are supposed to make the show, 5 forwards. The results were amazing, I really felt the team was enjoying the exercice as I saw the way they were laughing during it. A bit of admiration as well, as they took 5 minutes to understand the goal of such a set up. Hey ! You worry about the game, I worry about strategy ok ? We kept on training like this during three hours, to make sure they fully understand everything.

Things were going so well when coach Stunty arrived. His face was all red like he was ready to explode, never saw him so angry. He came to me and asked if I know how to count eleven ; I answered that yes of course, but I always struggle after ten because I don’t have enough fingers to count on. He took a big breath, was about to say something but finally gave up and went on, with a kind of desperate air in the eyes. I can’t believe what he did after that, dear diary. He just gathered the team and ordered them to forget everything about this training. What ??? Doesn’t he see that he breaks my whole work, and all the more doesn’t help me in my relation with the team by doing this ? I was disgusted, but I know my time will come.

After that everyone went to shower, but I once more had an argue with witches when they fired me from Women Locker. So what, can’t mistake anymore here ? I didn’t really pay attention to that : I know that’s their way to protect themselves from my legendary irresistible charm. Still, I think breaking my arm wasn’t necessary to be convincing, and it’s a bit annoying because I won’t be able to lead training for a few days. They’ve been nice though : they broke my right arm, and I’m left handed so I still can write to you, dear diary! I thanked them for that, but they replied they didn’t know I was left handed. Don’t know what they meant.

Oh I must leave now, the trollish nurse comes to handle me. As soon as I can go back to training center, I’ll tell you how it goes dear diary ; I don’t write about my convalescence, wouldn’t like you to cry. See you soon dear diary, think you and me are building a something great that will remain looooong after us in Blood Bowl!


  1. Just hope he won’t cut a finger peeling an orange, it’ll be even harder for him to count…

  2. Yeah.. These are brilliant. Gaesmal is amazing… Doesn’t even bleed that much any more. I think he will be/is a real fan favourite! 😀

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